Process Essay Topics

How to Write a Process Essay

A process essay is among the toughest papers that a college student can be assigned. The main difficulty is that you are supposed to provide a precise step-by-steo instruction to carry out a particular problem or task. In other words, you are required to present “a recipe” that helps handling the procedure on the subject you are keen on revealing every stage of a particular process.

How to Start a Process Essay

The first thing you need to do is to choose a process. Than you need to point out all materials and steps that are needed in order to succeed. Imagine that you are describing the process of cooking popcorn. What will you need and what are the stages of the preparation process? The idea is the same with any other topic. Try to point out as many materials and stages as possible to make your essay precise and persuasive, and show the reader that you do know what you’re writing about.

Process Essay Topics and Examples

  1. How to find a good book?
  2. How to find ideas for writing a paper?
  3. How to find things on the Internet?
  4. How to play a straight drive in cricket?
  5. How do bad habits develop?
  6. How to succeed at an interview?
  7. How to drive defensively?
  8. How to look fashionable on a limited budget?
  9. How to shift into a new home?
  10. How to take good care of your pet?
  11. How to make an origami chair?
  12. How to overcome burnout?
  13. Procedure for making tea.
  14. How is ice cream made?
  15. How to get rid of the habit of smoking?
  16. How to insert a contact lens?
  17. How to become a celebrity
  18. Altering/recycling clothing
  19. Balancing a checkbook
  20. Basic magic tricks

Process Essay Outline and Format

Traditional structure of every process essay contains:

  • Introduction (describe the process and its meaning)
  • Body (mention every step of the process in particular dividing them into a necessary number of paragraphs)
  • Conclusion (reveal the results of the process)

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