Digital humanities, scholarly communication and communication science

Objectives of this research proposal is to identify a problem n work place and propose a solution to the management on the problem facing the company.

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        Communication is very essential for the progress of a company. In today’s world, companies are striving to have good communication in places of work. However, good communication is hard to achieve because communication is increasingly becoming complex because complex work activities and multicultural environment in the places of work. Lack of communication increases job dissatisfaction and kills morale of workers. This research will evaluate the causes of poor communication. It will also come up with solutions on what needs to bedone.

WorkcompletedI have managed to calculate the total cost for research and written a breakdown of all expenses to be incurred in this research. I have also written a schedule of all activities that I will carry on eve day. Interview was one of research methodology used in the proposal. I intended to interview five people from Youth Health Partnership Organization. The proposed persons to be interviewed are Mr. Phillip Hardy, Human Resources Manager, Mr. Charles Chah, Senior Accountant, two casual workers and Ms. Agnes Ashley, Finance officer. I have managed to interview two casual workers and Ms. Agnes. I have also managed to gather and reviewed all the journals and books that I needed for the purpose of this research

Work remaining

        The remaining work is to secure an appointment with Mr. Philip and Mr. Charles and to interview them. I have not completed collecting data using questionnaires.

Obstacle encountered

        Mr. Philip and Mr. Chah have been canceling our scheduled meeting at the last minute. Another challenge is that workers are refusing to fill in the questionnaire due to fear of victimization from supervisors.


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