Project Controls

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1 March 2016

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I have developed a proposal that would create a secure system within our organization. Below is the outline that should help prevent disaster recovery or in the case, backup our disaster recovery procedures. Duration Critical Task Sequencing

The project will detail an array of critical task sequences including:

* Pre-project Envisioning – Evaluation of HR database and corporate objectives, formulation of cost/benefit analysis, establishment of project scope and major milestones, securing of executive sponsorship and buy-in

* Planning Structure – Project assembly, computing and testing environments, preliminary design, system array, and maintenance orientation

* System deployment – Deployment of hardware and software systems, pilot test evaluations

* Post-Implementation Review – Backup/restore maintenance, performance monitoring, system re-forecasting, establishment of ongoing infrastructure team Variance Baseline

Achieving the desired outcome for the HR Resource Deployment will require a stringent and concentrated focus on maintaining adherence to the project timeline. Throughout this timeline, variance data will be closely observed and documented. Capturing variance data is an adamant goal for the project managers. Variance data will help to expose possible weaknesses of the planning process, and serve as priceless information for future endeavors. The means of collecting variance data will be comprised of the following: Delegation of variance targets.

Prior to the project start, prime areas of variance will be decided upon for tracking. These areas will be closely monitored and documented. Targeted variances will form the baseline of the project, and will consist of measurements of quality, project milestones achieved, performance metrics, and budget adherence.

The success versus failure

Planned versus actual.
Variance data will be looked at according to what is planned as opposed to what the actual outcome will be. This will largely be focused on the proposed scheduling timeline and project cost expectancies. As the project advances, variance data will be tracked according to what deviates from the planned objectives. This data will be captured in real time in order to provide insight for future milestone proceedings. Estimates versus planned.

This variance metric will focus on what was estimated for project details, such as schedule and cost, prior to the approved project plan. Such data will assist in greater accuracy of project planning, and will help to eliminate the guessing game. These variance metrics will be acquired through the collaboration between all stakeholders and resources. Maintaining high quality controls is a process that includes a lot of planning but when well maintains it builds the trust in the customers and eventually helps both organization businesses. As an organization maintains a high quality control one must know that there is also other aspects which is where being innovative and keeping a reasonable price adds to the equation. As many new customers are acquired a lot of the times this might be a direct result of on customer recommending another new customer. When this statement is true the new customer expects the same treatment and if not better. Therefore, one must stay innovative and open to new ideas and changes in order to fulfill the new customers’ needs.

On-Going Evaluation and Status of Project

There will be a definitive checklist for who will be responsible for the development and submission of projects reports. Evaluations will be performed on an as-we-go basis as to attempt to not miss anything important along the way. If there is anything that will be confidential or require a security clearance, these things will be handled by either the Project Manager or a member of management. Any projects that require the participation of stakeholders will be documented for future use and testing. All ongoing reports will also be given to all principal stakeholders along the way. As each goal or milestone is met, it will be tested and retested for consistency to make sure what was done will stand the test of time (until the next project or upgrade).

Method Used

The Method that is used for determining whether the project has met its objectives is a survey. The survey can be done to figure if everything has been a success. Riordan employees will fill a survey out to give feedback on, if they are satisfied with the projects performance or not. Surveys can only provide estimates for the population, but cannot be a true measurements. You can measure surveys by the consistency of responses to questions about the project over a long amount of time period.


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