Project Technical Paper – Reliable Pharmaceutical Supply

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4 March 2016

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To process a prescription order, RPS needs to know about the patients, the nursing home, and the nursing home unit where each patient resides. Each nursing home has at least one, but possibly many, units. A patient is assigned to a specific unit. An order consists of one or more prescriptions, each for one specific drug and one specific patient. An order, therefore, consists of prescriptions for more than one patient. Careful tracking and record keeping is crucial. In addition, each patient has multiple prescriptions, and one pharmacist fills each order.

There are several points in the order-fulfillment process at which information must be recorded in the system. Case manifests must be printed at the start of each shift. Because a prescription may take a long time to be used completely, information must be entered into the system each time a medication is sent, noting the quantity sent and which pharmacist filled the prescription for that shift. Prescriptions contain basic information such as ID number, original date of order, drug, unit of dosage (pill, teaspoon, suppository), size of dosage, frequency of dosage, and special instructions (take with food, take before meals). There are several types of prescriptions, each with unique characteristics. Some orders are for a single, one-time-use prescription. Some orders are for a number of dosages. Some orders are for a certain time period. Information about the prescription order must be maintained. An order occurs when the nursing home phones in the needed prescriptions. Because prescriptions may last for an extended period of time, a prescription is a separate entity from the order itself. The system records which employee accepted and entered the original order. The system has basic data about all drugs. Each drug has generic information such as name

1. Entity-relationship diagram that shows the data strorage requirements for Relable Pharamceutical Supply

2. Domain meta class for RPS.

3. Activity diagram for each use case related to entering new orders

  • Activity Diagram For Entering New Orders.
  • Nurshing Home Prescription Drugs Accounts Section
  • Activity Diagram For Creating Case Manifests.
  • Nurshing Home Prescription Drugs Information Record Section
  • Activity Diagram For Fulfilling Orders.
  • Nurshing Home Prescription Drugs Accounts Section

4. System sequence diagram

System sequence diagram for entering new order

  • Enter Prescription Order
    Record Prescription Info Record
    Drugs Info
    Display drugs Ordered
    Find drugs Availability
    Pending Order
    Pending Order
    Update Order
    Confirm new Order
    Confirm Order

Update Bill

Receive Bills

System sequence diagram for Creating Case Manifest

  • Enter Precription Order
    Record Prescription Info Record Drugs Info
    Display drugs Ordered
    Find drugs Availability
    Pending Order
    Pending Order
    Update Order
    Confirm new Order
    Confirm Order

Update Record

Case Manifest

System sequence diagram for fulfilling order

  • Fulfill Order
    Check Prescription Info Record Drugs Ordered Display drugs
    availabilityRecord types of drugs
    Find drugs Availability
    Pending Order
    Pending Order
    Record Updated Drugs
    Confirm fulfilling Order
    Confirm Fulfilling Order

Update Bill payble

Receive Fees Calculated

5. State machine diagram for an order

6. Three-layer architecture for this new system

Presentation Layer

Businness Layer

Data Layer

• Presentation. The presentation layer provides the application’s user
interface (UI). Nursing home users can place orders using the UI tool and Reliable employees can Process the Orders.
• Business. The business layer implements the business functionality of the application. Business logic is implemented here, Business entities corresponds to the data .
• Data The data layer provides access to external systems such as databases. Each layer should be structured as described in the following paragraphs.

7. Design two (2) separate menu hierarchies, one (1) for Reliable employees and one (1) for nursing home employees.

Reliable Employees –

  • Check Drug Availability
    Order Id
    Order date
    Drug names
    Save Order Info

Nurshing Home User-

  • Order
    Prescription Id
    Pharmacist name
    Pharmacist id
    Order date
    Drug names
    Patient names

8. Write out the steps of the dialog between the user and the system for the use case Place new order for nursing home employees.

User – input prescription details (prescription ID, Drug details, Pharmacist Name) System – Create order
User – Place Order
System – Check Order details, confirm new order
System – Check Drug availability
System – Fulfill order
User – Validate fulfilled Order
System – Update Order Information
System – Prepare shipment
User – Give medications to Patient Unit
User – Place Pending Order

9.Review the input form you created for collecting orders from the nursing homes. Identify all of the input controls necessary to ensure the prescriptions are correct. Recommend other procedures or controls to ensure that there are no mistakes with prescriptions.

Input Prescriptions must have the controls to provide basic information- 1.Provide Prescription ID
2.Original Date of the Order
3.Drug Name
4.Unit Of Dosage(Pill, teaspoon or suppository)
5.Size of Dosage
6.Special Instruction – take with food, take before meals

10.Create a work breakdown structure of your proposed plan. Write a memo to the senior executive team at RPS that includes a summary of the created system and three (3) recommendations for future changes/improvements to the system.

Work Breakdown-
1.Create the presentation layer
-Develop UI components for Reliable Employees to process the orders from nurshing home -Develop UI components for the Users to create Orders for passing prescription details and preparing the order. 2.Business Logic Layer-

a.Create the Business logic for Accessing the Database and providing rules to access and update data.

3.Data Access Layer-
a.Select a data base to store the Drugs and prescription information. b.Develop the data access layer for the above data base.

Please find the architecture of the system. This uses 3-tier architecture. This has presentation layers for both Users and Reliable Employees to provide and update the prescription and Order details respectively. Users will be able to create the orders and pass it to RPS office and there the order will be processed and shipment of the order can be initiated or denied if order cannot be fulfilled. Recommendation for Improvement-

1) More attributes can be added to the prescription data for address, phone number etc.
2) User history can be stored in a persistence cache for fast access.
3) Web interface can be added for online access of the presentation layers.

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