Promote communication in health and social care setting

 Identify the different reasons why people communicate when working in a care setting communication is a key factor, you need to be able to communicate with a wide range of people such as service users, families and/or carers, other members or staff and management, you will also have to come into contact with other professional from time to time such as; doctors, nurses and social workers. Communication is the basis of all relationships, regardless of weather the relationships are personal or professional, and regardless of the nature of the communication.

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Reasons why people communicate

Explain how communication affects relationship within the work setting Communication affects relationships in many different ways in the work setting. Relationships are important and relationships are built of trust and understanding between people makes it easier to get things done. The benefits of effective communication in the workplace are that it is:- A happier, less-frustrating workplace experience.

Frees up employees to focus on other more productive activities. An increase in satisfaction from workplace activities and workplace relationships. An increase in productivity can lead to an increase in pay, promotion, and prestige The key relationships are with the people that I support. The skills that I have learned as a care assistant will help me to build relationships and this will be important to ensure that the right outcomes are met, for example somebody may have identified that they would require support in their lives and they need to sure that the people they are working with are honest and trustworthy.

Relationships with colleagues and other professionals are vital if people are to work together effectively. Showing respect for the work that other professionals undertake is an essential building block of a good professional relationship. It is important to take the time to find out what other people do and think about what you could learn from them, and remember that everybody makes a contribution.

Demonstrate how to establish the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of individuals. All relationships start through communication, when providing support for people you must ensure that you are a good communicator. You will have to gain an understanding of messages that are being communicated from others and be able to communicate back when you’re not always able to use words. When you first meet somebody and talk to them you would usually be using two language systems to enable communication and thy will be verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication: is when we communicate our message verbally to whoever is receiving the message.

Nonverbal communication: is usually understood as the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless messages. Such messages can be communicated through gesture, body language or posture, facial expression and eye contact. Body language is very important when you communicate as it affects the way people interoperated what you are trying to say. Effective communication requires you to have the ability to understand you’re own and other peoples non verbal behavior. Your body often sends messages to other people unintentially.

Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication When people communicate they tend to take notice of somebody’s tone of voice and facial expressions first other than what is actually being said.

As a care assistant being able to understand the factors that contributes to good communication is very important as this will allow me to gain an understanding of every service user and also be able to tell if anything is affecting them or causing them upset or pain. Demonstrate a range of communication methods and styles to meet individual needs.

There are many different ways to communicate and ensuring that you are using the right level and type of language is very important to ensuring that you are being understood fully. Communicating with people may not always be about speaking or even non-verbal communication, you can communicate in a wide of different ways these are:- Email audio (speaking, singing) telephone conversation texting using a mobile (short messages) visual (seeing pictures, slides, artwork, written words) kinesthetic (teaching someone by showing them how to do something, hands-on instruction, texture) face-to-face vs. long distance  Interperators (if you are trying to communicate with somebody who’s language you do not speak) technological (some people prefer reading books, other prefer reading them via electronic screen)

Demonstrate how to respond to an individual’s reaction when communicating A response during communication is important for the communication to take place. If someone is talking to you and you are not responding, it is difficult for communication to take place. When you respond to someone, it shows that you are listening to them, which then shows that you understand what they are saying and are interpreting it correctly.

However, the response doesn’t need to be verbal. A simple nod can even be considered communicating, as long as both participants are aware of each other and understand what is being said. When communicating it is important to remember that when communicating you can often learn as much by observing as by what you hear. It is important to learn to listen with your eyes. An important part of responding appropriately to communication is recognizing when people are distressed and know how to deal with it. It is importing to have an understanding of the effects of emotions, as they can often be an indicator of a potentially highly charged or dangerous situation. There are some general indications that a person is becoming distressed and these can be obvious to see:- i. breathing patterns

ii. excessive sweating
iii. face and neck become red and flushed
iv. body language
v. eyes for example pupils dilate
vi. change in facial expressions
vii. change in tone of voice for example voice may become raised Explain how people from different backgrounds may used and /or interpreter communication methods in different ways When you are first communicating with somebody it is important to find out about communication issues the person you are communicating with. You can discover a great deal about possible communication issues by simply observing somebody’s behavior. Observation should be able to establish

What language is being used
If the person is experiencing any hearing or visual impairment If they have any physical illness or disability
If they have any learning disabilities
Any of these issues could have a huge affect on how well we communicate and can allow you to put steps in place to help communicating easier. Identify barriers to effective communication Hearing Impairment- A service user that has a hearing impairment in one or both ears. Visual sight- A service user that has no visual sight or poor vision or sight in one eye. Disability/learning difficulties- A service user that might have a condition that might stop them from communicating effectively and might need visual aids to help them communicate. Learning and speech impediment- A service user that finds it hard to communicate through speech and gets frustrated because they are not understood. 0ther languages (cultural backgrounds or English as an additional language)- you may need an interpreter or find other means of communicating with service user that do not speak English. Different family background personality.

Demonstrate ways to overcome barriers to communicate
Physical barriers

Physical and environmental factors can cause problems when we communicate. When you are communicating it is important to consider the surrounding that you are in when you’re communicating, for example people find it difficult to talk in noise and crowded places. Understand what could be barriers to
communication can allow myself to ensure that communicating id done effectively these could be:- Hearing loss

Physical disability
Visual impairment
Learning disability
Language differences

Demonstrate how to access extra support or services to enable individuals to communicate efficiently. If I am having any communication problems with a service user I would seek advice straight away as the longer I leave It the longer the problem will take to get resolved. Also the service user may become upset and frustrated and this can cause more barriers when communicating. The person I would go to first is my organiser and if they are unable to resolve the problem they will get in touch with people who can. These could be:- Translation services- can help with changing written txt from one language to another. Interpreter services – they convert spoken language from one to another. Speech and language services- support for people who have had a stroke or have problems with speech. Advocacy service- support people who are unable to speech for themselves. This service try’s to understand the needs and wishes of people and will argue on their behalf.

Explain the meaning of the term confidentiality
Within the care sector there are legal requirement under the data protection act 1998 to ensure that all records are confidential. This act gives people the right to see all the information recorded about them weather it’s their medical records or the social service file. Confidentiality means keeping all information with the work place safe and only be passed on where there is a clear right and need to do so if it could cause half to an individual.

Confidentiality is an important right to everybody and it is very important as a care assistant to remember this as because service users might not trust a care assistant who can not keep things private additionally by breaking confidentiality you may be putting service users at risk if their personal details get out for example home address. All service users records will be kept in a locked office and they will also be kept on the computer which will be password protected and there will be policies on record keeping within the office place. Demonstrate ways to maintain confidentiality in day to day communication. The principle of confidentiality is about trust and confidence that people might have in care workers.

Care workers need to ensure that they do not discuss one person who you support with another person that you also support. The most common way in which confidentially is breached is by people talking about work issues with family and friends. It is done very easy and very tempting to discuss the days events especially if you have had a stress full and it is often therapeutic. But by doing this if you don’t keep peoples details confidential and anonymous this could break confidentiality. Every organisation will have policies on confidentiality and the disclosure of information. As a care assistant it is important that I know where the policies can be found and what information is in the policies.

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