Promote communication in health, social care or children s and young peoples settings

Communication is an essenial part of our lifes which we start from birth, this is why i believe it is important that there is effective communication in a work setting with children and young people. We communicate to exchange thoughts, express feelings and to learn new things. How we transfer this information can be by speech, crying, using our body language or/and expressions, our main goal is to be understood.

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We communicate to a variety of people in our work setting, not only the children we care for but we speak with their parents and family members on a regular basis to disguss their childs individual needs as well as update them on their childs progress. This is where we can share ideas and gather information on a child such as their mannerisum and types of reasurrance techniques they use to help them feel comfortable in our setting. Most importantly we communicate to others to build relationships and at our setting we aim to maintain them. 051.1.2

Communication and relationships go hand in hand. To create a relationship we must communicate and with communication we are creating relationships. We all need reasurrance and support, children and adults, we do this by listening about others concerns or worrys they may have and acting on them, by acting on them we are gaining trust. Having a good relationship with a childs parents and other family members makes the transition from them to us easier.

It is vital that we build relationships with the children and young people that we work with to ensure comfort and to feel secure enough to be without their parents. We aim to work in partnership with adults that are involved in the childrens lives. Communication is highly important between colleagues for us to work well together and to ensure that we have a childs best intrest at heart we exchange information on a their routines, feelings and their interests.To be an efficitive team we must support each other and remain professional. A strong relationship with work colleagues rubs off on the children creating a happy enviroment.

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