Proposal Essay Topics

How to Write a Proposal Essay

There is nothing extremely hard in writing a proposal essay. You have an idea, and you need to present it in a way that will sell your idea. A college student is required to propose and provide evidences to makes the audience believe in writer’s proposal. Whether the idea is good or bad, strong arguments are necessary for a good, catchy, and motivating proposal essay. Such assignments are more common for financial and economic fields though they can hardly limit the range of topics to choose.

How to Start a Proposal Essay

Major part of your work should be done before you start writing an essay. For starters, you need to be well-aware of your audience. Always keep in mind that your main goal is to convince your listeners that your particular proposal is good or bad. Thus, knowing who your readers or listeners are, practically serves as a focal point of your proposal. You cannot seriously want to affect a community of scientists with your fashion ideas, just because you inserted the word “innovative” in your essay/speech. You need to have a clear understanding who you’re trying to appeal to, whose attention you desire. The next stage is research. Try to use as many sources as possible. The key to success is to support your idea my as many arguments as you can.

Proposal Essay Topics and Examples

  1. Should we allow kids to have phones in elementary school?
  2. The issue about uniforms: is it okay to make uniforms mandatory or should we leave school children to put on whatever they want as long as it is decent
  3. To take care of the elderly, should we allow them free commute?
  4. State colleges should be free to attend: Discuss
  5. Community service should be mandatory for all citizens
  6. The importance of learning international languages as a curriculum
  7. Medicinal marijuana: how more legit should it become?
  8. Is it time to lower the legal voting age?
  9. Road safety campaigns: How safe are you on the road?
  10. The influence of notebook computers on the learning environment
  11. Encouraging female participation in male dominated sports
  12. Impact of video games on the development of young brains
  13. Does the entertainment industry provide too many awards, than necessary?
  14. The prospect of job vacancies diminishing faster than the employment opportunities being created
  15. Improving the economy by limiting immigration
  16. Should drug testing be done at school sports level?
  17. Generating income by imposing fines for not recycling
  18. Do same sex classes generate better results than normal classes?
  19. Legalization of marijuana
  20. Manufactures should be pressed to do more than they are currently doing, to reduce packaging challenges

Proposal Essay Outline and Format

We summarized all main parts of a proposal essay for you. Use them when structuring your thoughts into a decent proposal paper, and get a high grade. Here’s our proposal of an outline:

  • Introduce the Problem
  • Make a Proposal
  • Create a Plan of Actions
  • Indicate Necessary Resources
  • Make a Conclusion

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