Pros And Cons Of Being Famous

Almost everyone of us, at least once, woolgather a life of being rich and famous. But analogous many other things, as we are witnessing on nigh daily basis, that class of life brings both lordly and detrimental sides.

Having gold and being famous certainly contributes to plenty who film that in many different situations, making their lives easier. Often it looks want a fairy tale we raft single realise in movies. Big houses, grand residences in the most fair resorts in the world, expensive cars and unimaginable luxury for, how we like to war cry ourselves, normal people. Next thing that we cant endow aside is the possibility of helping other people in need and people who dont share that kind of happiness. And these are just some of the examples why we dreamed of having it entirely.

On the other side, we can count a huge list of negative sides of being rich and famous. Like mentioned above, we are witnessing almost every day how famous people cant handle tons of paparazzi and press who just wint leave them alone. They cant hide almost a single thing in their private life. And a great deal these people get insane, both for alcohol and drugs, divorced or something even worse.

Such people find it difficult to throw true friends and maintain relationships long-distance. People around them look only to benefit from their fame and fortune, or socialize with them just because they are every bit rich. Family is often not there, or children and parents just live a different life.

Summed up, there are certainly both positive and negative aspects of money and fame, but most important is how people react to it and use it. In todays world, money brings great opportunities, and thats a fact, but we need to make love that like all other vices, it can destroy us and our family so its important to think well just about what next step with it will be.

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