Marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques: A handbook for practitioners

Psychological marketing

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            In a broad spectrum, there are different techniques that are used by sellers, marketers as well as the entire production companies to market their products as an endeavor to lure customers towards their side. One of those techniques is known as “Other-enhancement”. Essentially, other enhancement is one of the techniques that is used by the advertisers to make consumers or the targeted audience have positive attitude towards them. It is mostly done to perfection through gratifying them and is elemental in some of the product promotion endeavors as a means of advertisement.

            As a matter of fact, the advertisers use exaggeration in portraying the positive side of the company in a bid to make customers to prefer working with them. For instance, Travel Company tries to sell tickets and uses the comments in commercial, “you deserve this, because you work hard.” When the customers read and analyze the comment, they feel recognized and their hard work recognized in the bid to make the company happy, they end up buying more goods or services as a means of awarding them.

            According to the L’Oreal, the cosmetic company technique of advertisement in the ad, Other-enhancement proves to be key as the company creates new red rouge. Inherently the advertisement uses other-enhancement technique to emphasize the unique characteristics of every woman, saying “rouge as unique as you are.” This makes customers feel different and special from others and at the same time, the company relates their unique feature of product relates to every woman’s uniqueness. “Your lips deserve more than just color “Tailored just for you and your smile, because you are worth it” creates the value of self-recognition. Here, the company shows the specialty of a commodity even if in the real sense it is not. The items value is exaggerated to catch the attention of the customers and make them buy their goods. L’REAL, uses words “enhancing luxurious feel” to sell their makeups using this technique.

            In summary, most companies employ the psychological selling techniques as discussed. L’OREAL employs such methods to make their sales. The goods being sold are not as valuable as they are made look. The sellers play with the minds of potential buyers to trap them and make them buy their items. This marketing technique is adopted by most of the selling companies to promote the stock clearance.


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