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A Sales Coordinator is an important role within any Sales team. The position of Sales Coordinator provides fantastic experience in telecommunication and paperwork management, and is suited for anyone with a marketing background. A Sales Coordinator requires strong interpersonal and organisational skills, able to respond to any enquiries via telephone or computer, so computer literacy is a vital asset. What does a Sales Coordinator job description include?

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•A Sales Coordinator primarily assists the sales team, focusing mostly on managing schedules and the distribution of any sales documentation.
•A Sales Coordinator prepares and then follows up on any sales quotations made for clients, negotiating terms with the client at a cost best suited for them.
•You must be able to efficiently respond to any online or telephone queries in a calm and friendly manner.
•The Sales Coordinator must liaise between other departments and the client to provide the service most suitable to the client’s needs, cost and time restraints.
•You must also be able to work closely with the Sales team to assess the progress of the department and develop Sales strategy accordingly.
• The Sales Coordinator may also be required to produce reports on progress within the department and outline any developed strategies to improve.
•A Sales Coordinator may be responsible for overseeing any supercharges and evaluating any alterations to both external and internal staff.

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