How to Quit Smoking: Helping Patients Kick the Habit

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18 October 2015

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Quitting smoking


            Smoking is an addictive behavior where an individual forms an uncontainable reliance on cigarettes to the point where quitting smoking becomes a problem. Cigarettes contain nicotine that is usually addictive. Nicotine craving can be very intense to the extent that people may find it hard to quit using just their willpower. Every individual knows how smoking is addictive and harmful, but only a few acknowledge how addictive and risky smoking is. There is a high likelihood that one out of three smokers who do not quit smoking will eventually die because of smoking. The reason many individuals fail to quit smoking is because they are addicted. The rationale of this paper is to outline the miniature changes in my lifestyle that I believe will help me quit smoking.

            The main reason I decided to quit smoking is the facts associated to smoking and addiction. First, smoking-associated illnesses account for 440,000 deaths every year in America. Second, smoking also accounts for 87 percent of lung cancers and the most causal factors of chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Third, smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in America. The other fact is that cigarettes contain more than 43 discrete cancer-causing chemicals. Nicotine is highly addictive as cocaine and heroin. The last fact is that the benefits of quitting smoking are realized 20 minutes of the last cigarette smoked. Smoking is not only an obsession, but it is also very costly. I spend around $7 every day. Quitting smoking will not only add healthy benefits, but it will also help me to save.

            I have learnt a lot about my options for a long time as I plan to quit will make the quitting process effortless. An appropriate game plan according to my needs will help me control my cravings, smash the addiction, and join those who have kicked out the habit of smoking in their lives. I also acknowledge that it is hard to quit smoking since it is a behavior and physical addiction. An individual, who is in the process of quitting smoking, is likely to face cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The act of smoking is deeply-rooted as a daily habit. I also recognize that to be successful in my withdrawal endeavors, I have to consider the routines, habits and the addiction since they are entangled. A personal stop smoking plan is very essential since it help people to keep in track with the process of quitting smoking.

            Quitting smoking starts with comprehending that it is an addictive behavior. The second thing is to cultivate inner feeling to quit smoking. I will develop inner motivation by highlighting the reasons that shore up my determination of quitting smoking such as smelling cigar everywhere and the fear of contracting cancer. The other strategy that will help me to quit smoking is being confident and positive that I will successfully quit smoking. I plan to use goal achievement procedures and frequent milestone incentives to stay committed and focused. I will always reward myself after some time. For instance, since I spend $7 every day, in six months I will have saved $294 or more. I will reward myself with this money. I will also choose a specific quitting date which will increase the chance of success. I will also try mixing different brands since research shows that different chemicals and flavors make smoking less enjoyable. Alternating brands also assists to de-automate smoking which will help me to successfully quit smoking. I also plan to put lighters, matches, and tobacco products from home away from my reach. Seeking doctor’s prescription is also an alternative strategy that I will consider in my plan of quitting smoking.

            Changing my diet is another strategy that will help me to quit drugs. Research findings from US reveal that some foods such as meat makes cigarette more satisfying. Eating vegetables, cheese, and fruits make cigarettes taste appalling which is another small change that I will consider in my quitting plan. I will also change some drinks such as coffee, alcohol, and cola among other fizzy drinks that makes the cigarettes taste better. Instead, I will be taking more juice and water to ensure a successful quitting process. I will also drop smoking friends and also seek quitting support from family members and friends. I will also ensure that my mouth and hands are always busy for an effective stop smoking plan. The benefit of quitting smoking are: the blood pressure and heart rate will drop 20 minutes after quitting, the carbon monoxide intensity in the blood will drop to normal 12 hours after quitting, lung function and circulation improves 3 weeks after quitting, breathing problems and coughing decreases 9 months after quitting, coronary heart disease and risk of lung, bladder, mouth, esophagus and throat cancer decrease in 5-15 years after quitting.

            The immediate rewards of quitting smoking are: social acceptance, reduced costs, improves health of others, leading an exemplary life as well as improvement in personal life. For example yellow fingers, stained teeth, and bad smells starts to disappear slowly. The other probable challenges that I expect in the quitting process include hunger in the first several weeks, fatigue and insomnia in the first month, lack of concentration, coughing and craving for cigarettes. The outcomes of quitting smoking are the rewards of quitting smoking where I will start to experience the good taste of food, a sense of smell will get back to normal, and bad smell in the house, clothes and mouth fades away. I will also be able to cut down the cost since smoking is very expensive. Quitting smoking will also help me to keep off dangerous chemicals such as cyanide and arsenic in cigarettes. I will always carry my stop smoking plan everywhere so that it can help me remember why I wish to achieve my goal.

            In conclusion, quitting smoking can pose very hard since it is only 2.5% of smokers successfully quit smoking. The most initial step towards quitting smoking starts when an individual acknowledge that smoking is addictive. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is addictive just like cocaine and heroin. Quitting smoking will not only help me to save, but it will also help me to improve health. Quitting smoking will keep me off from lung cancer, heart diseases and other diseases associated with smoking. Personal stop smoking plan will greatly help me to keep on track and stay determined with the process of quitting. Diminutive changes such as seeking professional help from a doctor, making new non-smoker friends, changing my diet and drinks will be some of the strategies that I will utilize in the process of quitting. There are rewards of quitting smoking. However, there are challenges of quitting smoking especially being an addictive behavior.


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