Racism is bullying

Do you want to be teased because of your cultural background, religion, accent or even your skin colour? The truth is Racism is happening everywhere everyday RASCISM IS BULLYING! According to the Macquarie dictionary, Racism has two important meanigs.1. Human races have special and different characteristics which determine their particular cultures, USA. Involving the idea that one’s own race is better than any other race.2 offensive or even violent behaviour to members of any other race arising from such a belief. Bullying means frightening or ordering smaller or even weak people around. Racism can be seen in incidents of racist abuse, harassment indifference to cultural diversity, and discrimination. It will be good if racism disappears but the true fact is many people around would say mean and rude things about one another.

It is unfortunate that people find a way to dislike others who are different from themselves. RASCISM IS BULLYING!!! people of all heritage backgrounds should be treated equally. There is no reason to put others down just because they are different. It is not fair to point out others just because yours aren’t obvious. If you have been teased look at them seriously and say would you liked to be called names or be made fun of? Simply just because you speak a different language or like to eat food of a different culture or like artjworks of a certain cultural style or simply because you have a different type of skin colour? No, you wouldn’t!!! RASCISM IS BULLYING! Why is it that in this day and age it is still ok to be racist? We the younger generation have the opportunity to stop racism and to accept everyone as equals. We the younger generation should come together and strive for equality. We should all be able to feel that we are accepted for who we are, and wherever we are. I don’t know the author of this beautiful poem but I’d like to thank him or her for such a wonderful piece written and it goes like this: What if all the trees were oaks?

How plain the world would seem; no maple syrup, banana splits, and how would orange juice would be? Wouldn’t it be a boring place, if all the people just one colour, just one language, just one family name! ~but~ if the forest were the world, and all the people were the trees; palm and pine, bamboo and willow, live and grow in Harmony. Aren’t you glad my good friend, different though we be; we are here to help each other, I learn from you, and you, from me!

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