Reflecting on Wisdom

This assignment was a hard one for me, due to not really having a family, a religious background, or someone that I could talk to as I was growing up. It says in our text book that wisdom and knowledge is based on practical intelligence and has good judgment due to life lessons and hardship. So that got me thinking about the many people that cross my path everyday due to my job. I am a C.N.A and take care of the elderly. Even though I cannot just pick one elderly person because I think they all possess wisdom and knowledge. Most grew up as farmers and worked in the fields alongside their family to either put food on their table or for a few dollars a week. They have seen the good and bad days that weather can do to crops and the animals that they also raised for food. Others can tell you about when they were in wars and how that was as a soldier back in those days, then you have the ones that were fortunate to travel to different counties just for fun, like my client Mr. Emery he has been to Greece, Spain, and Italy, what was nice is he has pictures of all these places so as he is telling you about it you can take a look at the pictures that he has taken. I think all of our elderly are full of wisdom and knowledge because of the things they have seen over their years. If you just sit down to listen to them you will take something away from it. Most elderly will love to tell you their story if you ask them.

As for myself I can say that I have a little bit of wisdom due to life circumstances, but I think I posses more of the transcendence virtue, I have learned to slow down and appreciate beauty whether it is a flower or a sunset, I also posses gratitude, I am more thankful for the good things that happen. I also posses perspective as my children say because I have always been able to give them good advice when it is needed, which means I also have an open mindedness because you would be amazed at some of the questions teens can come up with. My strengths that I need to develop more fully is all the rest of human virtues, in the courage category I need to develop bravery, and zest. I am not one for doing new things so when challenges, and difficulties come my way I do not know how to handle it and I would like to get to where I can approach life with excitement and energy. In the humanities category I need to develop all three strengths.

I at one time did posses all these strengths but over time and life lessons, I have seemed to have lost them. I am not as kind as I use to be, I definitely do not posses love except for my children, other than that I have little to no heart, and as social intelligence I do not care about other people’s feelings, its either you like me or you don’t. In the temperance category, I need to learn forgiveness, I believe if I can master this one the rest of the human virtues will fall back in place, this one has been a weakness for me for years now, I not only need to forgive myself for things done wrong but also to people that have done me wrong. My motto use to be “Everything done wrong to me would just make me stronger.”, but instead it has turned me into a person that I do not like, I am no longer the fun, kind loving person that I use to be and that everyone wanted to be around. I have became a loner that is bitter, and heartless. My life consists of going to work doing my job and coming home to my children with little interaction with the outside world.

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