Reflective practice

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26 February 2016

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Reflective practice is improving the quality of service provided, thinking back over a situation or activity, developing a different approach and gaining new insight into a new way of learning.

The importance of reflective practice it to aim to continually progress to improve or change approaches, strategies and actions. To focus on what has worked well and what needs to be improved, provides clarity, to consider new approaches and learning, enables everything to be taken into account, to develop great awareness and benefit to pupils and setting and individual of improved performance.

Standards such as the Essential Standards, the Code of Practice for Social Care Workers etc. tell us how we should be working. We can use them to think about the way we work and measure ourselves against them. Informing own learning, helping one to think about professional development and providing a way of identifying what is required for good practice.

Own values may affect working practice by not respecting others who do not share your values, belief systems and experiences. Conflict with own values, belief experiences affecting approach to support teaching and learning e.g. motivation, respect, fairness , creativity. By favouring those who share your values, belief systems and experiences. Fostering understanding of others views and perspectives.

People will respond and react different ways to constructive feedback such as agreeing with what is being said, expressing desire to improve, asking questions, looking for reassurance, being defensive and expressing anxiety over what is being said.

The importance of seeking positive feedback to improve practice and inform development is to evaluate own performance. To raise awareness of strength, identify areas for improvement, what actions is to be taken to improve performance, to show you are able to learn and listen to others and to identify what works well. 2.3

The importance of using feedback to improve own practice is to ensure it meets the individuals needs, shows respect for the views of others and that you have listened to there views. Enables you to develop new approaches and ways of thinking also enables you to apply the insight you have gained. Effective feedback develops confidence, competence and motivates.

A personal development plan will record information such as regular view of personal development, use reflective journal to consider progress made, evidence of achievement e.g. certificates, review goals and actions, agreed objectives for development.

Sources of support for planning and reviewing own development could be mentor, teacher, local authority, training provider, awarding organisations, further or higher education institutions, appraisals, learn direct, training development agency for schools.

The role of other will help us to provide grater insight, think about the impact practice has on others,working with others may also give development opportunities such as training, qualifications, shadowing experience colleagues. provide us with information and new ideas and these can come from other who may include carers, advocates, supervisor, mentor teacher and other professional.

The benefit of using a personal development plan is to focus on what one wants to achieve and how to do it, to develop greater self-awareness of training needs, using reflection and structured planning on how to meet own goals and to increase own understanding of how to meet identified needs.

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