Reponses to Attachment. Two different positions

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12 October 2015

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My chosen topic involves the use of food stamps for fast food which raises the main question, should you be able to go for food stamps for fast food. Food stamps simply refers to an assistance food program by the federal government in the United States to offer food to the low income earners and those who do not have any income whereby they are issued with coupons or paper and currently cards are used. The food stamps are issued for free by the government to allow poor people and low income earners to access food regardless of the nutritional value from any outlets such as supermarkets which accepts the cards or the stamps.

The government issues the food stamps free of charge to all people and families who are in need. I came across this topic on food stamps on the internet, when I was conducting a research on the use of adverts on fast foods by various companies. Being an individual who values charity and helping others and considering my interest in fast food business, it got me wondering what would happen if food stamps could be allowed for fast foods. This generated my interest in this topic and how it will affect fast food business. I hope to gain more understanding on the impacts of the food stamps on fast food business and to ascertain whether it could be allowed for fast food.

Provide a brief summary of the topic. Explain the current issues surrounding the topic and share at least two different positions on the topic

        The main aim of the government in providing food stamps to families and people who are poor, elderly and even disabled and those who are homeless was to enable them to have something to eat. However, there are certain issue which surrounds the issue of food stamps whereby it is thought to be a contributing factor towards some disorders such as obesity. According to Aldhous (2013), the food stamps could be the option which can be applied in the fight against obesity epidemic which has become rampant in the United States. The author of the article says that obesity can be controlled through the food stamps which could be issued for the purchase of nutritious foods. The author observes that restriction on the choice of foods people could access through the food stamps will be of great help ion handling the obesity situation in the US (Aldhous, 2013). This indicates the author’s support for the food stamps program which could generate health improvement among the beneficiaries of the food stamps. It is the suggestion of the author that the use of food stamps could be the way towards a healthier nation in the coming future (Aldhous, 2013).

However, in another article by Whitmore (2013) the restrictions which are to placed on the use of food stamps with regard to sugary foods may not work. The author of the article observes that putting ban or restrictions on the use of food stamps in the purchase of sugary foods may have negative impacts which will even result in the ineffectiveness of the food stamps (Whitmore, 2013). Whitmore explains that the bans or restrictions on the use food stamps will result in extra expenses for the government in terms of administration costs (Whitmore, 2013). Furthermore, the author observes that placing restrictions on the use of food stamps on sugary foods would cause stigma on the people who are supposed to benefit from the program.

What specific issue will you write about within the larger topic, and what unique angle will you provide?

        The specific issue that I will write about is the impacts of food stamps on fast food business and health of consumers. This is based on the observation that fast food businesses have become quite popular and therefore, it would be wonderful to know how the food stamps can impact on the business as well as health matters.

Define your audience. Who are they, and what are their needs, motivations, and influences? In what ways will you need to structure your writing to appeal to them?

        It is important to know the kind of audience who will make use of the information provided here. In this case, the targeted audience will include fast food business investors and also the customers who have been issued with the food stamps. The investor have the need to know how the business will be affected if the food stamps are allowed for fast foods. The motivation for this audience is the positive benefits they will receive in terms of revenue and the customer base. Furthermore, the investors are influenced by the consumer behaviour that is displayed when purchasing products.

To appeal to the audience which is comprised of investors may be a challenge but in this case, this work will be structured in form of an argumentative essay. This will is due to the reason that it will easier to weigh and outline all the available options with supporting evidence which can influence the decisions of the investors. The structure of an argumentative essay will create a chance for the investors to associate more with the writing depending on which side of the argument they feel outweighs the other.


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