Resistance to Change

Introduction – Change Concept

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Resistance to change is a response given by individuals or groups when they perceive that a change occurring is a threat to them, (“Resistance to Change”, 2002). Resistance to change from employees can cause the change initiative to fail as a result of not properly implementing the change strategy.

Approach – Change Agent

In order to implement change effectively in an organization, it is very important for a change agent to know the signs of resistance before developing a plan. Having the knowledge of how employees may respond to change will aid a change agent in developing a strategy to prevent or even reduce the effects of resistance. Resistance to change can best be handled by proposing a meeting with lower-level employees and gaining some insight in regards to their feelings towards the change. In other words, a change agent can direct upper-management to meet with employees to discuss the changes that must be implemented in the organization and why the changes are important. Employees should also know how these changes will affect their day-to-day operations, such as, changes in specific duties/tasks or even schedules.

Research Plan

The direction in research will be to gain a better understanding as to why an effective strategy to preventing resistance to change can be incorporated in a change agent’s approach. In concluding the document, the reader should be able to notice the signs of resistance, develop a better strategy to prevent or reduce resistance, and implement the change agent’s plan effectively.

1. Palmer, Ian et al. (2008). Managing Organizational Change, 2nd Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions. The course text is the basis for this research paper. It provides all the necessary information to formulate what resistance to change entails. 2. N/A – due to being unsure as to what other references will provide the best or most important information on the topic.

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