Role of legislature in pakistan

There are three organs of the government.
a. Legislature.
b. Executive.
c. Judiciary.

Legislature is the organ of the state that makes laws. Laws regulate the conduct of the people. Pakistan is an Islamic Republic and will of the people is expressed through their elected representatives who perform the function of law making. Main thing is the welfare of the people and development in all spheres of life in ademocratic manner where rule of law is observed. legislature in pakistan.

In Pakistan we have our own Constitution called the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Principles under consideration while formulating laws.

The Constitution assures that inthe Pakistani Order five principles asenunciated by Islam shall be observed: (i) Principle of democracy.
(ii) Principle of freedom.
(iii) Principle of equality.
(iv) Principle of tolerance.
(v) Principle of social justice.

Principle of democracy.
The principle of democracy in Islam means the principle where there is mutual counsel-ship in the affairs of the State. If there is consensus on any matter well and good otherwise the opinion of the majority shall prevail. Dissenting opinion will also be kept on record so that later on further research could be conducted.

Principle of freedom.
The principle of freedom means that Allah has created mankind free and it is the human injustice and cruelties due to which man has exploited the freedom of other persons by various modes and methods. Islam has come to bring out mankind from the clutches of all yokes. A careful study of Islamic way of life will reveal that charitable occasions apart, on everymatter freedom of slave was made an expiation or kind of recompense or punishment.Further, when therewas not yet any such occasion thetreatment with them was ordained tobe that of equality, in food, drink,clothes and shelter. Even in thematter of labour the Master wasordained to help him by all possiblemeans. Many modes of freedomhave been told. Legal effect of marriage, death, divorce have beenlinked with it. Laws for law and peacehave also dealt with this problem.

Principle of equality.
The principle of equality meansequality before law. No one is abovelaw. Every person is liable for hisown individual act of violation of law.No soul shall bear the burden of other. No one will be doubly jeopardized. All are accountable for their deeds.

The principle of tolerence.
The principle of tolerance means the respect for the rights of others in all walks of life. It also includes healthy criticism of all state activities.

The principle of social justice.
The principle of social justice meansthe administration of justice in amanner that society gets its due. Theinstitutions are respected andallowed to work independently andfreely. In all matters collective goodwill have preference over individualinterest? Every one shall havechance to earn his livelihood byadopting any lawful business,profession or service. Each will getaccording to his performance. Stateshall take care of education, health,of the citizens and will provide themfree education and free health facilities.

All these principles shall be observedas enunciated by Islam. This means in their observance the requirements of “La’ ilaha’ illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah”
shall be fulfilled.

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