Romeo and Juliet Analysis

Throughout life, humans are put to the test and must remain true to themselves and others. In the play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, Juliet encounters many trials and goes through several experiences. As Juliet goes through many struggles, she continues to remain loyal to her husband Romeo.

Juliet remains loyal to Romeo and goes to certain extremes to remain married only to him. Juliet has been promised to marry Paris even though she is already married to Romeo. She is currently with Friar Lawrence and asking him for a way out of her promised marriage. She reasons with him saying, “’God has joined my heart and Romeo’s, thou our hands’” (4.1.56). The Friar gives her a potion to put her in a death like trance. Later on when she awakes from her trance, she discovers that Romeo has died, she says to herself, “’O, happy dagger, this is thy sheath. There rest and let me die’” (5.3.174). By gratefully accepting a poison to put her in a death like state, she is desperate and willing enough to be buried in a tomb to wait for Romeo to avoid a wedding. Once Juliet discovers Romeo dead, she is faced with marrying Paris or committing suicide to remain loyal only to Romeo. When she kills herself, she remains only wedded to Romeo. Not only is she loyal with keeping her marriage, she remains loyal when talking about him.

Even when Juliet receives disastrous news, she remains true to Romeo. Juliet has just received news of her cousin’s death due to Romeo. She starts to curse him and speak badly of him but then stops and says, “’blistered be thy tongue for such a wish’” (3.2.99). Even though she is trying to cope with the death of her cousin, she continues to remain loyal to Romeo who has slain her cousin. Romeo murders her beloved cousin, and instead of her being furious at him and continuing to condemn him, she stops and defends Romeo. Rather than Juliet switching where her loyalties lie, she continues to defend Romeo and remains to love him as her husband. Throughout the several trials Juliet faces and undergoes, she perseveres and stays loyal to Romeo.

Juliet is willing to go to the extremes, including death, in order to remain loyal to her husband. As she encounters times of sadness, she is able to
keep thinking straight and remain faithful to Romeo. With her demonstration of loyalty, she stays committed to Romeo, which sparks other conflicts. Being loyal is required to build trust to help build a lasting relationship through the troubles till death.