Are we really that different? Every day we deal with different kinds of people. These people could be a customer in front of you in a check outline, friends, classmates, or even your roommates. So let’s talk about roommates. Roommates can be categorized in there different groups, “Too Friendly Shelly”, “Seriously Stuck-up Christy”, and “Plain Rude Pru”. These three types of people will contribute to a seriously long semester away at college. Having to stay in the same dorm room with anyone of these three types of roommates will be an adventure. There will always be a memorable moment rather is be peace and quiet or drama central. Staying in a dorm with “Too Friendly Shelly”, “Seriously Stuck-up Christy”, “Plain Rude Pru”, and “Studious Mary” will either make you or break you. You may become seriously stressed and extremely home sick but if you push through the nervous breakdown you will make it through the semester. The “Too Friendly Shelly” will be the one sitting on your bed right beside you when you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. By the end of the second night you two will know everything there is to know about one another’s family and even down to the color toe nail polish that is your favorite.

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You find yourself not wanting to look at or even speak to “Too Friendly Shelly” because there is always a never ending story about the route she took from the dorm room to class that morning and the birds that she stopped to feed in between classes. As if I you are not trying to study for your mid-terms. “Too Friendly Shelly” was the only child that grew up in the back country for real. The bed next to “Too Friendly Shelly” is “Seriously Stuck-up Christy”. “Seriously Stuck-up Christy” will not be the one that will give you much heartache because she is too worried about herself. Will the persistent anal ways be what gets you? “Yes”. If you walk by her clothes and breathe on them wrong you are confronted with a World War Five. When Seriously Stuck-up Christy” is asked why she acts the way she does, she answers with a frowned up face “What are you talking about there is nothing wrong with me, it’s you.

Look at you who goes to class in sweatpants?” Your first thoughts are oh no she didn’t! “Seriously Stuck-up Christy is the one that will make the semester seem longer than what it should feel. The roommate that I have to wake up looking at every morning directly next to me is “Plain Rude Pru”. She is just someone that seems to live on another planet. Someone is always out to get her, looking at her wrong, or talking about her. Not being able to figure out what planet she lives on to always think someone is out to get her is a mystery all in its own. She feels like everyone owes her something and seems to think that everyone around her needs to be as miserable as she is. When “Plain Rude Pru” wakes up in the morning I stay completely hidden under my covers until she is in the shower then I jump to my feet and throw on my clothes and zoom to class. “Studious Mary” will be the one responsible for making you feel uncomfortable all semester long. She will be the extremely quiet one that makes you worry if she can be trusted.

You seem to catch yourself falling asleep at night wondering if you will open your eyes to see her standing over you staring at you as you lie in bed. “Studios Mary” is smart and makes great grades and pays close attention to her surroundings. She will make sure that she has enough homework to do to never have time to look up from her laptop and get to know her fellow roommates. She never goes out with the three of us always having an excuse. Who would want to go through college never experiencing the college live? “Studious Mary” that is who. Living in a dorm room with so many different personalities has really made me thankful for the family that I grew up in. I always thought that my siblings were strange and uneasy to get along with but going away to college has made me second guess this. Or is it so that they are really that different? It may actually be the environment surrounding the situation that makes the personalities so unsettling. So is it that I grew up with my siblings and their personalities had been something that I had always been around so I understood and knew how to take things that came from each of them. Going into a new environment and meeting new people made me realize you just have to give new things a chance.

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