Rubaiyat vs Koran

Spiritual literature is at the core of many faiths and has a profound affect on people. Through the use of metaphors, symbolism, and repetition, the messages are conveyed to the readers. The reader then forms their personal beliefs based on their understanding of the literature which influences their actions. The Rubaiyat and the Koran are spiritual poems that share some commonalities and several differences, but both ultimately serve peoples faith.

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Although multiple authors with contradictory ideas wrote the Rubaiyat, the basic premise remained “Life is brief, live life to the fullest. There is no afterlife, your only destiny is death.” The authors did not infer the presence of any God in their passages for which to find peace, but encouraged happiness through friendships and the avoidance of pain.

In contrast to the Rubaiyat, the Koran was written by one author who was preserving the revelations of Mohammed, as Mohammed is speaking for Allah. The Koran has been interpreted as relaying that God intended to give humans free will. The concept of free will has been interpreted in a variety of ways however. Passages have been cited that infer predestination or destiny versus free will, while others argue they complement each other. The Koran message includes an after life as well as the relationship between revelation and reason, God and humanity.

While the Rubaiyat and the Koran differ vastly, they both share the same literary devices to share their messages. They also influence peoples faith and can be argued to be universal. The Rubaiyat is universal in that people find peace with it. The Koran can be argued to be universal to all religions.

Both the Rubaiyat and the Koran show the significance of spiritual literature and its influence on a persons faith or belief. Belief plus actions equals results. The reader must decide the desired result they want, after life or no after life, and pattern their belief and action accordingly.

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