selecting a toy

I have selected 3 toys : 1.HEX BUGS CRAB , 2. STOMP ROCKET JUNIOR ,and 3. SQUIGZ , all of which manufactures have deemed appropriate for children 3 to 5 years old.

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1. Why is this toy developmentally appropriate for children this age group ? The Hex Bug Crab is somewhat appropriate to children in this age group , its smaller size is a good fit for smaller hands but not to small where it could become a choking hazard. This toy would encourage small motor practice because of its size , also would encourage gentle play ,and some small amounts of patience to allow the toy to become accustom to the child just like a real animal or pet might be . The Stomp Rocket is age appropriate because it is a skilled down version of the Stomp Rocket orginal toy for older children , it has a smaller size and a larger stomp pad, easier directions for a younger age group of children. The Squigz toy is age appropriate for children 3 thru 5 , it is a good size for smaller hands , but large enough to not be a choking problem play, encourages open ended play, problem solving and imagination.

2. Why is this toy appealing to a child in this age group? All of the toys are packaged very appealing , bright colors and bold print . The Hex Bug would be appealing to any child who might be wanting a pet , and would encourage quite play , gentleness , and pet ownership practice. The Stomp Rocket would be appealing to a child in this age group , because the toy can be used indoors or outdoors , can be played with alone or with multipule children . The Squigz toy would be fun for a child in this age group because it has very bright colors , easy to put together , has a fun poping sound when they are pulled apart , and have multipule places to be played with.

3. Would a parent select this toy? Why and why not? I believe a parent would buy any of the three toys here, they all have appealing packaging , larger pieces, and all have extended pieces or parts that can be purchased nd added later for more activity and fun with the original toys. All of these toys are unisex, and can be played with either boys or girls ,all can encourage learning , creativity, patience ,small motor as well as gross motor skills.

4. Would you select this toy to use with a child in this age group ? Why or why not ? Yes I would select any of these toys for the children in our classroom of 3 to 5 year olds. They all seem fun , safe , and encourage playing and using small motrot skills aswell as gross motor skills , all seem easily explained and easy to use without a lot of extra directions , they all encourage creativity , very open ended play and does not have a definitive winner , loser so play can go on and on aslong as the children are engaged , they seem to be able to adapt to being played with inside or outside, to being played with multiple children as well as just a single child and will still be fun and functional, all have replacement parts or extra parts so play can go on and on.

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