A Comparison of Three Retrospective Self-reporting Methods of Measuring Change in Instructional Practice

In writing this report, I have laid out a clear outline with a proper introductory part which enables the reader to determine the purpose of the report. All the major components of the report have been extensively researched and are arranged in an orderly and logical manner. The part that deals with the application for patents has been explicitly expounded on and a clear layout of the process has been developed.

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3. If you had the chance to do the assignment again from scratch how (if at all) might you go about it differently? Given the chance to do the assignment once, I would incorporate relevant examples that show how different inventions and creative works have been patented and relevant cases of conflicts that may arise from the lack of adequate care during the development of a new product.

4. What did you find the hardest aspect of this assignment? The part that deals with the marketing of the inventions proved quite a challenge as little information was available on how different companies market their new inventions in order to reach peak levels of profitability (Lam, 2003). It was near impossibility to find a company that clearly outlined its marketing strategy may be to the possible exposure of their strategies to competitors.

5. Which aspect of the assignment would you have liked more help with? How could this have been provided? I would have appreciated some help in understanding the advice service. Information regarding how the industry operates would have been helpful in est6ablishing a firmer foundation of my report in regards to the different aspects of the service.

6. What piece of advice would you give to a student tackling a similar assignment in future? For a student who intends to undertake this kind of assignment, I would advise them to conduct extensive research on all the key components of the research beforehand to ensure that they possess adequate material to finish the report with. At the end of the report, the student should revise and review his or her report with an aim of identifying any mistakes on missing links in regard to all the components that should comprise the report.


Lam, T. C. (2003). A Comparison of Three Retrospective Self-reporting Methods of Measuring Change in Instructional Practice. American Journal of Evaluation, 24(1), 65-80.

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