Sexual behavior

Many do not know that as a child is growing up they have normal childhood sexual behaviors even as a baby. Today we are going to discuss the different stages of childhood sexual behaviors.  The first stage that will be discussed is infancy(0-2). Young infants discover the joys of self- stimulation. Many can see that as they change their baby or maybe washing a baby that when the wash the genital area the baby will either laugh or smile with enjoyment. This is actually very normal to happen. Young babies may also begin to do a pelvis thrust which has been observed with infants of the monkey and ape species and has also been observed in humans. It has been noted that baby boys as young as 5 months can so behaviors that resemble an orgasm and females are able to have behaviors the resemble an orgasm as young as 4 months. It has also been stated that children will begin to masturbate as early has 5 months.

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The next stage that will be discussed is early childhood (3-8). When it comes to the data on children and their sexual behavior it is mostly all a speculation because not many want to talk about their children and their sexual behavior or just that they may not see certain things as sexual behavior. One study that was done was with question mother of over 1,000 children and question like does your child masturbate was not asked more question such as does you r child does private area when they are home is asked. The study showed that about 42% of boys touch or try to touch breast and for girl the percentage is about 43%. About 60% of boys touch privates when at home and about 43% females. Then about 26% of boys try to look at people when they are either nude or undressing and also about 26% for females.

The next stage is preadolescence (9-13). A report that was done around the 1950s by Kinsey and his colleague’s states that masturbation is the main source for sexual orgasm at the preadolescence stage for females and males. The study states that about 51% of males and 15% of females have masturbated by the age of 13. Also this is the stage that sexual education is being learned. Many times when asking one where they have learned information about sex from they would state that it was from their friends or from a media source.

The next stage that will be discussed is adolescence. In the stage of adolescence come puberty and with puberty there comes a change of hormones and hormone levels that causes one to want to be more sexual active. Also at this stage one is trying to discover what their sexual orientation is. As growing up we are able to see what sex one is attracted to and what to do more things with. Here is the stage where many will engage in sexual intercourse and the risk of getting STI’s and pregnant becomes greater.

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