Short Story About My Life

Today I learn how to stack boxes in to shelf, for example Gatorade, Food cans etc. Working at a church is somewhat tiring but you’ll get a lot of exercise. Especially working out your biceps and your arms and legs etc. Helping the needs is a wonderful thing to do, especially around your community like a church, Food bank, shelter etc. Doing community service is a good life experience to learn new things and to help out around your community. The reason why I had to do community service is because I didn’t make wise choices, I was a bad influence to myself and to my peers. Today I learn it wasn’t that I needed to do community service, it’s to do it for life experience. I can learn a lot in doing things that are positive in life. In the past years, my life was all about negative thoughts and things that I did was completely bad and not positive. All I did was hang out with friends, did drugs stayed out after school and didn’t came home till night. I really didn’t know what I was going to do with my life, I was in a place where I didn’t need anything but my friends and drugs. I was stuck in a mess I couldn’t get out of. In till a couple of years past by I realized that I’ve been doing things that weren’t right and that were all miserable, for me and my family. I didn’t really listen to my parents at all, I ignore them and kept on doing things that were hurting my family. That’s where I realized that I needed to change my habits and my actions.

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Even though it’s been a year now I was still breaking rules, not following my curfews, doing drugs, not getting good decent grade. All I thought about everyday was doing drugs and hanging out with my friends that were bad influence to me. I didn’t care because I was used to it, I didn’t even knew what was really right or wrong when I was a young kid. During my 5th grade year, I usually wouldn’t listen to what my teachers are saying to me directly, I would ignore her and act like we never had the conversation. During my 6 grade year, I didn’t really learn a lot from what I should have learned. I wasn’t paying attention, I came to school high and brought drugs to school. I didn’t get the support that I needed till 7th grade. During my 7th grade year, I had a fresh start of becoming a good student and respecting my peers and teachers. Still, I have a drug problem that I couldn’t control, it was like being trapped in a hole for a whole year. 5 months has past, I met a drug therapist her name was Ashley. She helped me to stop using drugs, even though I really wanted to do it. She also got me into programs that were helpful to me, it was somewhat boring but you can learn a lot from it. I didn’t

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