Should allow gay in military

Specific Purpose: to persuade my audience that we should allowed gay in military because not only straight that have enough potential to serve openly in military Central Idea: Many people in US disagree that president Obama will allow homosexual serving openly in uniform; however, every should have their rights to do what they want if it not harm others and don’t have to change who they are just to do the job of their dreams. Introduction:

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Attention: Who is the person that ready to serve the country in military in your opinion? Straight who have abilities but has been forced by their government or a gay who also have abilities and ready to serve in the military.Why should sexual preference determine if someone is allow to fight for his or her country? If I am a president I surely want people who willing to sacrifice himself no matter what sexual they are.

Credibility: I believe that I am not the only one who used to think that what will happen if there are gay in the military, in my first opinion, I think of feminine gay who act like young lady and can make people in military laugh. So, I started to find an article about gay in the military and it’s not happy as I thought. This is because they have hide their own sexual for doing what they want to do and some of them get no chance to join the military. Thesis: So, today I would like to mainly convince you, my audience, that why should we have to allow gay in the military and what can we earn from them if they can join the military. Preview: First, I will start with the reason why we have to allow them and then I will you that because of banning gay in the military we have to lose many talents people. Body:

Transition: First reason that we should allow them in the military is because every human should have their own rights no matter they are straight or homosexual. Actually in the past, during the World War II, Korean War, and the Vietnam War, many homosexual men and women serviced honorably and openly during these conflicts (Powers, 2012). Until, 1982 that the Department of Defense officially put in writing that “homosexuality was incompatible with military service” (2012). in the past people used to think that women did not suited for combat, but now it changed, because it turns out that women can be as good soldier as men can (Should gays be allowed to serve openly, 2013) Transition: Not only the right of human that we should concern but also their potential because some of gays who want to join the military they are more talented than straight.

According to The New York Times, from the article call “Why we need gay in the military” by Nathaniel Frank, in 2003 people are care more about gender than capability Moreover, as stated by Alastair Gamble from The New York Times, in 2002, he said that he always have a talents for learning languages However, he was dismissed from Army because of sexual orientation. Transition: It is true that now in the US they already allow gay to openly serve in the military; however, there some people who still disagree from this policy International debate education association, “Gays in the US military”, people who disagree with this issue claim that gays in the military would affect the chain of command because it would become less trustworthy because of their appearance (n.d.). the past US had a policy call “ Don’t ask Don’t tell”, which they allow gay in military but cannot open himself and if they found out they will get fried (Donelly, 2009).

Conclusion: we should not judge people ability if you did not give them any chance to try and show their potential. I believe that we all should change our mind and look at others by their qualities not their appearance. Moreover, if we allow them to openly serve in the military I think they would come with strong potential that a real man that dont give a rat tail in military like President Barack Obama said on Fox News, “As of today, patriotic Americans in uniform will no longer have to lie about who they are in order to serve the country they love” ( Barack Obama, 2011)


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