Should Gay Couples Be Able to Marry?

Gays should be allowed to marry When it comes to gay marriage I think society needs to calm down and realize something here. Those gay people are in love and their human beings just like the rest of us. Stop being so prideful and see that they deserve to be happy and have the same rights as everyone else. No one is above anyone in this world, we are all gods children and he loves us all despite everything. I support gay marriage and equal rights to the end! I think if people opened their hearts a little more to people and the way the world is now and not old customary ways everyone would be OK. If you oppose gay marriage, you are directly telling homosexuals you think they are lesser people. Saying “well the bible doesn’t condone it” isn’t good enough and it’s a pretty frightening display of arrogance to think the bible should rule over all. It’s well within the rights of any church against it to not perform a gay marriage within their walls. Saying that it should be banned outside them, however, is homophobic, oppressive and nauseating. Marriage is between a man and a woman.

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First of all, America was founded, because of religious persecution in England right? Then, we come to America, and figure out that we just wanted to be Christian, and we went through many things in America that was wrong Salem Witch Trials, slavery, segregation. This is just another fatal error. Hypothetical: If everyone is to become gay then how in the blue hell will we create new life, humans were not meant to be gay. If we were don’t you think men and men could have children or women and women? No, they can’t so there is no way gay should be right. Also, what if you’re trying to bring YOUR child up on traditional view, and the subliminal messages, like the gay Kindle Fire commercial, and then your son or daughter says to themselves “Why are those two men married?” What do you say to that child? Just because you do not support gay marriage does not mean you are homophobic it means, that you rather live traditionally not unconditionally.

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