should high school student work part-time?

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13 March 2016

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Nowadays, there are more and more students work part-time job in their free time. Actually, a part-time job can provide money and working experience to them. But it partly disturbs their study as well. So the high school students should not be encouraged to have a part-time job because of the following reasons.

Firstly, most high school students are too young to work. Specifically, they still lack the necessary abilities to make their own living and to face and handle the problems from their work. According to a scientific survey, teenagers have a high rate of the possibility to be forced or exploited to do what they don’t want or something illegal. In many countries, there are still many criminal cases which high school students involved; they do something illegal such as they kill people, they sell the illegal drugs… This is not an aspect of their working a part-time job but this is the consequence when they are extremely stressful or they are forced to do that because of money. I think the reason is that they still not have the ability to balance between their work and their study. In some countries, laws were enforced to prevent high school students from working. This aims to protect their right of study and growing healthily and having a happy childhood. Obviously, high school students should focus on studying more than work.

Secondly, a part-time job would occupy high school student a lot of time, which should be used to learn useful knowledge and living skills in class without worries of work force and society problems. Moreover, high school can provide students a community to fit in to learn issues so that they can develop their qualities and skills. This is extremely dangerous that some students choose to have a part-time job instead of focusing on study. They can easily miss some important parts of study that high school is trying to equip them. Moreover, experts agree that students who work more than 15 to 20 hours per week often decrease school success. College is the last step that leads to the success of each students, so high school students need to prepare very well their knowledge before they become college students.

Finally, working for long hours can limit your chance to make your friendship as well as to explore new things you are interested in that will enhance intellectual and emotional development. The major thing that working students should keep in mind is the importance of balance. Student should maintain the time between work and study. Beside this, they must answer this question as well: “Do they spend enough time for their friends and family? Dan Crabtree, college and career counselor at Wheaton Academy in Illinois, explains that: “We want out students to establish a healthy balance in life and work to maintain it through their lives”.

Having a part-time job is not a wise decision if it affect their schoolwork, their time for family and friend or even their necessary relax time. I think high school is not a good time for student to choose to have a part-time job.

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