Should Marriages be arranged or loved?

In many cultures such as Asian, elders prefers to arrange their children’s marriage. This is because the elders think that their children are not mature and old enough to find a person who would keep them happy throughout their life. However, in western countries such as Canada and Britain, people prefers love marriage. This is because, the elders believe that there will be no strong bond of love between their children and their spouses if elders arrange their marriages. In arrange marriages, elders first prefers to see their daughter or son in law’s family before arranging their marriage. This is because they want to judge their children according to their “In laws”. Consequently, elders would only arrange their marriage if they are satisfied with their characters and living standards. Marriages ar meant to share many things such as love, responsibilies, problems and secrets.

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Nonetheless, mostly in arrange marriages, the couple suceed to share responsibilties, but they fail to share love and personal secrets. Infact, they stand a but aloof from eachother. This is probably because as they were strangers before marriage, they are not able to completely trust eachother. Consequently, sometimes as they are afraid to share personal secrets or opinions, they end-up holding grudges against each other. Eventually, they start loathing each other and sometimes end up getting a divorce. I reckon that people should opt love marriages instead of arrange marriages. This is because in love marriages people ussually gets the chance to know their spouse atleast a year before marriages. They get to know the the person they want to marry atleast a year early. Consequently, they get the advantage to know the person they want to marry very well and can make sure that the person they’re going to marry is capable to make them happy throughout their life and is not playing a charade. I believe that people have all the right to choose their own match because they are the one who be spending all their life with their fiance, not their elders. I think that we need to make sure that we will not arrange our children’s marriage in future. Otherwise, we might end up seeing our children get divorces like other children.

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