Simple Superstitions: Number “thirteen”

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27 April 2016

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One of the pseudoscientific claim for the Number “thirteenth” is that people think it is just a superstition when some people believe in it and some people don’t. Everyone has their own opinion and belief in particular things. The Number “thirteenth” is most likely known for its unlucky date, unlucky number, and its unlucky self. The Number “thirteenth” has so much history to it, to why it’s unlucky. People believe the number thirteenth is unlucky, and people let that number affect their life which is totally coincidental because the number thirteenth is nothing but a superstition. The main superstition for the number thirteen is “Friday the thirteen”. Skeptic states “If you base your belief on media attention, superstition about Friday the thirteen might be the number on superstition in America today.

It appears, however, that only about 10% of us believe that Friday the thirteen is an unlucky day.” I believe this superstition is messing with a lot of people’s lives. I do not get how on Skepdic, it only shows that only 10% of Americans believe that the thirteen is an unlucky day when you try and see out on the street, on the thirteen, a lot of people try to avoid driving. People also try and cancel their plans for the thirteenth and stay home, and not just that but people even avoid buying major items such as a car, house, or even avoid getting married on that day. The number thirteen affects people individually, and their life caused by their decisions they make on that day, or whether they just stay home and waste time.

The number thirteen also affects the society at large. It affects the society at large as when someone’s superstition becomes a coincidence it becomes a bad thing that happened to the society such as a plane crash or something which will eventually make the superstition even stronger for a lot of people. The number thirteen makes a lot of people’s life like hell, but sometimes coincidently it makes some people happy. The number thirteen also has an impact on streets, in a lot of cities there are no thirteenth avenue or Thirteenth Street. In some religions the number thirteen is meant as a religious aspect. In the Christian religion the number thirteen is meant as a good thing.

I have a friend who was born on the thirteenth and ended up having a birthday on Friday the thirteenth, a few years ago, and that friend of mine is still alive, and the best he could ever be. This friend of mine, was very scared on that day when it happened but he had the courage and the confidence of not believing in this superstition. This friend of mine kept to his routine, and had a regular day, and nothing happened to him. My friend is alive, and still attends Mission College to this day.

I personally don’t believe in superstitions, and my friends store just proved it that no such thing exists. Even though some people, religion strongly believe in it, everyone has different opinions.

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