Six Sensitive Periods

1. What are the six sensitive periods? Describe each briefly. Sensitivity to order:
From the age of one to the age of three, the child expresses their need for stability. At this time the child is extremely sensitive to order. The child will in some cases be distressed or very upset if there is a slight change in the environment, since children is formed by their surroundings they have the need to accuracy and control.

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Refinement of senses:
The young child has a strong desire to know and learn, at this stage the child is beginning to bring the different elements of actions and influence between all his separate senses. During this time the child have to fully apply all the senses in order to develop them as much as possible. From a very young age children will decide what they want to hear, see, touch, taste and smell.

Sensitivity to language:
From the moment of birth, language plays a vital role in accompanying mental growth. During this phase the child distinguishes the sound of the human voice and is able to recognize the mouth movement. The child continues to learn more sentence structure during primary school years, on condition that basic language has been achieved. If a child is not exposed to language during sensitive period, it can lead to permanent damage.

Sensitivity for walking:
From the first time the child starts walking, he has a big need to practice and perfect this skill. Once the child starts walking, he is constantly on the move and practicing the movement and control. The child makes great efforts to achieve the quality in his motion capability.

Sensitivity to small objects:
At around the age of two years children have an urge to pay attention to detail, the child develops the ability to focus on certain tasks. When the child is out for a walk the child will stop numerous times to explore and investigate and examine small objects and his surroundings.

Sensitivity to social aspects of life:
At this stage, children can develop friendships and learn how to play in groups. It is important to teach them during this phase how to interact and have consideration for others.

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