Social anxiety increase in children due to social networking/media

Do you remember back when kids had sleepovers or spent summer in the tree houses or forts or any other adventures they would come up with? They would hang out and interact with each other. Now days you hardly ever see them leave their house, and for most, leave their bedroom. Kids these days spend more time in front of the T.V. or computer watching shows, playing video games, or chatting with friends online. They are slowing ridding themselves of physical interaction with each other and it’s starting to grow with grownups as well. Social networking/media will eventually cause higher rates of social anxiety. The more time people spend without other human contact causes them to forget how to keep a conversation in person or how to entertain in general. When talking on line or via text message any can create somebody they are not and life they did not live. It’s hard to do that in person.

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Children these days rely more on technological advances to interact with each other. Adults are also following these trends just at a slower rate. Any commercial ad you see whether it is on T.V. or a poster ad you see on a building it will have some sort of social media/networking ad along with it. Almost every T.V. show has a Facebook page that anyone can go to and follow. Commercials use Facebook and Twitter to try and reel people into a form of income. If they don’t sell their product they will hopefully make an income off of the social networking advertising. Most fast food restaurants even promote ordering food over a form of social networking. This is allowing people to have less and less physical interaction. Educational programs are even promoting social media. Strayer University for example has a portion of Blackboard where you can build a profile and talk with other students. Some schools promote themselves on Facebook for kids to follow and keep up with other Alumni. Schools even use social media such as YouTube to turn in assignments.

My online speech class wanted us to perform our speech on video and submit it via YouTube. Yeah it made the speeches easier, but it still doesn’t get me ready for speeches in front of a lot of people. So I still was not able to get over the anxiety of doing a speech in front of people. Once again causing people to have less physical interaction. Career programs also promote and use social media/networking. A lot of companies these days will look at an employee’s or possible new hire’s Facebook account to see what kind of person they are. Companies also use social networking for advertising job openings. LinkedIn is a prime example of career social networking.

Companies use social networking to help promote themselves and also to make sure they do not hire the wrong people. I know this from an example from the company I work for. They were looking to hire an individual and looked at his Facebook page and saw that all his pictures he had on there was partying and drinking, so they did not hire him. I think that that’s wrong for judging someone with their personal life. Just because he is like that at home doesn’t mean he would or wouldn’t be a good worker. Once again stopping people from physically interacting and seeing what they are really like in person.

Social networking does have its advantages such as allowing people to keep up with one another faster and easier and also helping people find other people whom the lost contact with in the past. There are other advantages like help learning things about one another without bothering them, but in the end it’s causing more and more social anxiety in people when confronted in person. People rely more on what they can make themselves look like online that when they meet in person they are embarrassed and form high levels of anxiety. Children suffer the most from this because it attracts them more. It is made to be this way in hoping it will catch on in the future, which it is. As long as it keeps going the way it is children will suffer more and more from social anxiety and soon we will be do everything from home and no one will ever leave their house.

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