Social Media

Social media today is one of the most advanced platforms for companies to market their product instantaneously and to a large audience with just a click of a button. With the current technological boon the world is undergoing, social media has definitely taken the front seat and helped an array of organisations from different fields to become some of the world’s leading profitable organisations. Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of Internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites such as Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. as a marketing tool to advertise and market their products to the general public. This essay will focus on the different uses that social media websites have to cater to marketing with reference to a multinational, e-business company called amazon. Since the internet is such a large market with a colossal number of social networking sites, it is important for organisations to plan before they venture into a marketing campaign on what exactly they need to achieve..

Amazon has now dominated the world of e commerce and online retailing with an immense competitive advantage by engaging customer satisfaction and planning a genuine marketing strategy. A large proportion of amazon’s marketing is on social media websites which is an appropriate place to find a large target audience to its website. Some of the companies’ key motives and strategy on social media marketing are discussed below. Firstly, amazon has established a clear cut goal of marketing online to increase brand awareness by promoting and advertising with sales offer to its target group on social networking arenas. Secondly the company has figured on what types of social media platforms they need to market their website on. Some of its primary marketing campaign takes place on sites such as Facebook, YouTube, twitter and Instagram, which are largely driven and operated by a young population who are more likely to shop online.

Also its has engulfed and adapted strategies such as engage potential customers, prioritize the brand, measure the outcome, listen to feedback and control and develop its image. Social media has gained so much attention today, with a large population hooked onto social networking sites. This has given a massive opportunity for entities to market their products on these sites to a large audience with sometimes at no cost to post online. amazon is a pioneer in social media marketing with its active involvement in advertising and promoting its business online. from directly emailing existing customers about sale offers to posting about its products on their facebook fanpage, it definitely has a large and active social media marketing involvement.