Society’s Needs for Criminal Justice Practitioners

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20 April 2016

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Criminal justice practitioners are necessary for a civilized society. Without those who form boundaries to our freedom, and the ones that reinforce those laws, our community would be chaos. Some of the main social issues our society faces are drug abuse, gang violence, child abuse, and terrorism. The criminal justice practitioners face these types of issues daily. These professionals must act on the morals and laws stated by society rather than their own opinions, sometimes facing hard decisions. The criminal justice field is always active and busy, dealing with countless amount of criminal activity throughout the country.

Drug abuse affects America severely. It is one of the biggest threats to America, warranting illegal actions of its citizens. Transporting and the consumption of drugs are illegal and is a crime in itself. Those who are associated with drugs are linked to a line of crimes. Once addicted to a drug they will do anything to acquire more, resulting in thievery, and may cause violence. Across the country, there are illegal distributions to drugs, guaranteeing crime and following those involved.

One of the crimes that follow drug abuse is gang violence. Gang violence has become monumental in some parts of America, forcing criminal justice professionals to diminish the amount of violence by bringing down powerful gang leaders. Gang violence is involved in several types’ of criminal activity. For example, many members are initiated into the gang after committing rape, murder, or drug dealings. Gang violence directly affects and corrupts the troubled youth in America. Putting a stop to gang leaders can take many years and uses up a significant amount of resources. This does not stop gang violence but reduces it in that area during the current period. There are always other gangs waiting to claim a territory and start recruiting, requiring officers and other forms of authority to keep track of gang affiliations.

Another social issue that the criminal justice field has to deal with is child abuse. Child abuse has an impact on the many crimes America faces. Child abuse is not always easy to distinguish at a quick glance and can go on for years without someone knowing. Many criminal justice practitioners are involved in these cases. Between psychologist that help the children recover ,and find out their stories to the police officers who arrests the offenders, Child abuse is a delicate situation and takes the upmost care.

Our society today confronts a war on terrorism. America has been on high alert after the attacks on the twin towers. Since then there have been many acts of terrorism for example, bombs placed around aimlessly. Many terrorists band together because their religious beliefs. America has a freedom of religion and is a target for religious fanatics to prove their point. Authorities do not always know when an attack will be made but they have special teams that have plans setup and are ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Every job in criminal justice is important and plays a role in protecting America.

These social issues affect a society substantially. Gangs within this country can rip it apart easily if they did not have anyone policing their actions. Many abused and neglected children turn to criminal behavior to get away from their current situation leading to many crimes in America that divide the country. Drugs ruin those involved, not to mention their families, which results in the decreases of our country’s values. Stated throughout this paper are the some of the social issues our society faces, but how are the criminal justice practitioners dealing with these concerns? There are many different branches to the criminal justice field. This demands professionals that are specialized in each category; they serve both individual and societal needs. Police officers protect and serve the community.

They risk their lives making arrests to protect the individuals in need. Officers do not just help people who are stuck in troubling situations, but also society as a whole. They keep murders and those who are a danger to society in jail. They will infiltrate a gang to bring them down, making the community safer for its citizens. Psychologists assist their patients by discovering and managing their problems. They find new medicine for those with mental illnesses, to live a more normal life. Other practitioners would include cyber security, forensic specialists, and even criminologists. These professionals take time away from their families to serve and protect. Many go beyond to ensure that the individuals they are protecting are safe and comfortable. Criminal justice practitioners have to manage their time properly and their schedule has to be flexible. Many of them are called in for help even when it is their day off. This career field is not for everyone but many of those who are involved are satisfied by the knowledge that they are fulfilling their responsibilities.


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