Speech on Shark Finning

Shark Finning, the illegal fishing which involves the cutting of the sharks fins, and then the carcass is thrown back into the water. This is wrong, just think for a minute, and put yourselves into the ‘shoes’ of those sharks. Its like getting your arms and legs chopped off and being told ‘swim’.

Shark finning should be banned. Sharks are finned all over the world and get employees from small towns that poor and want money to support their families. This is were the problem lies, we must help these little small and remote towns, so that they do not have to take part in this horrible act.

Countries in Asia, with so much people can not help every single person and as a result people resort to finning sharks. This is were we need to step in, we need to help these countries to get back up onto their feet and help them stop the rising trade, which is shark finning.

Shark finning should be banned. I will know tell you the story of ‘Ye wan’. Ye wan is a poor fisherman that was targeted because of the fact that he had a family and could not provide for that family. With a wife and 3 children he had know choice, but to take up the offer and join one of China’s shark fining companies. As an employee he was part of a team that would have killed about 50 – 100 sharks a day. On a larger scale 100 million sharks would be killed a year. We will leave that story for a while.

Shark finning should be banned, and in some countries they are already implementing acts that does not allow sharks to be finned. This is a really good start, but it will not stop the growing trade, and with the diminishing rate of sharks left in the world alive. Let me paint a picture for you. Lovely islands, lush with forests and wildlife on the islands, but underneath the islands is really were all the magic is.

Hundreds of sharks call these islands home, living a munge the rich colourful coral. Now if we see this same island in 20 years time (when shark finning is still around), there is maybe 20 – 50 sharks left, fish roam around, multiplying with the lack of predators to eat them. This image is the shocking possibility that
could be come reality if we do not to anything about shark finning.

I think that this is a good time to go back to the story of Ye wan. Ye wan on more than one occasion had to watch waves crash over the boat that he was on and on countless occasions saw with his own eyes his friends fall over board in stormy weather and never be seen again.

This a really shocking thing because not only are lives of sharks being effected, but also the lives of humans. You may say good riddance, but again put yourselves in their families ‘shoes’. For Ye wan this would mean that he would not see his wife, 3 children and his relatives again. As he was the provider for the family this could greatly effect the lives of his family.

We can stop this, we can put an end to this, with your help we can help people like Ye wan to get an honest job and not have to risk his life, to earn money. With your help we can put a stop to the killing of sharks.

What do you think?

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