Splash Corporation

The company started in 1985, when the newlywed physicians pooled a grand total of 12,000 – money they received as wedding gifts- to purchase and market cuticle removers and cold wave lotions in re-packed amber bottles. By 1987, the company still managed first year gross sales of a little over P100,000 assumed the name of splash cosmetics. The splash cosmetics rode the trend of ‘big hair’ by formulating an inexpensive, bottled hair spray. The company made it first P1million in sales. In 1989, the company achieved P 40million in sales and moved up to immediately threaten the long standing market dominance of the leading astringent brand. In 1991, the company became splash manufacturing corporation (SMC) and introduced extraderm. In 1997, extraderm plus posted its highest growth of 211.14 percent and continued to control 83 percent of the market in 1999. In 1998, SMC achieved P2billion in sales. In 2001, another name change. Made SMC into Splash Corporation. By then the splash corporation reached P2billion in sales.

I. Time context

Over a ten year period beginning 1986, simultaneous with the growth of their personal care business, the Hortalezas were already engaged in philanthropy through donations to groups and families in need. In 1997, a decision was made to institutionalize this effort through the establishment of Splash Foundation Incorporated (SFI) to serve their greatest expression of commitment in helping the economically disadvantaged. It is their way of giving back to society, something of enduring value. In 1995-2003, the unemployment rate has been higher among females than males: the female unemployment rate raised from 10.7% to 12.6% while the male unemployment rate raised from 8.8% to 11.9% and the total unemployment rate in the Philippines both male and female was 9.5% to 12.2%.

II. View point

Dra. Rosalinda Ang-Hortaleza, President and Chair of Splash Foundation Inc. Being a President and Chair of SFI, she has the power to help, provide, and decide the groups and families in need. She has the authority to develop program towards the advancement of Filipino people.

III. Statement of the problem

How can Splash Corporation provide job opportunities for the Filipino whom are less fortunate?

IV. Statement of Objectives

To provide a livelihood program and small business for those who are unemployed Filipino people especially the female undergraduate ages 16 to 30, and it also increase the sales of SFI cosmetic products by teaching the new recruit to manage small business especially in handling cash and inventory.

V. Areas of Consideration
Ganda Mo,Hanapbuhay ko (GMHK) was first livelihood project, a five day comprehensive course in basic cosmetology. SFI has also provided a “rolling parlor” a simple salon that is put up during “tiangee” for its graduates in Canumay, Valuenzela City. The Child Hospitalization assistance and management program provides free medicine and laboratory requirement to pediatric patience confined at the charity wards of three beneficiary hospitals: The Philippine General Hospital, The East Avenue Medical Centre, and the Valenzuela General Hospital . Called “Lunas- Sakit” , the program specifically covers free supply of prescribed medicines from the day of referral until the day of discharge. SFI have also come up to a “direct selling” strategy.

VI. Alternative Courses of Actions

1. To undertake the five day course of “Ganda Mo ,Hanap Buhay ko Program with the target beneficiaries of Splash Corporation.

2. Selling product through direct selling strategy.


1.To undertake the five day course of “Ganda Mo ,Hanap Buhay ko” Program with the target beneficiaries of Splash Corporation.

1. They will gain skills from the program that they can use for their home servicing. 2. A participant who performs well and graduates from the program will be given a free starter kit contains basic tools so that they can use it for their home servicing activities. Weaknesses

1. It only help the female unemployment and only few men who are willing to undergo training. 2. Few teen-agers are not interested because they don’t have responsibilities in life yet.

1. They can start up a new livelihood at the same time they can spend quality time with their families. 2. This program will help unemployed Filipino people who are economically disadvantaged especially for women. Threats

1. Unsupervised spending will somehow end up in financial loss. 2. Maybe some will attend the seminar but won’t apply what they have learned in the Seminar.


2.Selling product through direct selling strategy.

1. Direct selling strategy is an aggressive and fast way to increase sales.
2. It can increase the Production and demands of the product.

1. The company is making a risks by entrusting his product to the direct seller.
2. More funds For the Employees salaries.

1. Creates job likewise increase the sales.
2. Many will be given jobs for this kind of selling strategy
3. Help unemployed workers to start up their own salary income and likewise help the company increase its sales.

1. If the seller is not aggressive enough to sell the company’s product, inventories will slow down and tendency is product will get expires and loses will come in.
2. It might be some customer are fraud buyers.

VII. Recommendation

The Splash Corporation will precisely recommend direct selling strategy, because direct selling is an aggressive and fast way to increase sales, by this many unemployed Filipino would be given jobs for this kind of selling strategy.

VIII. Action Plan

The Splash Corporation will set up funds how much the company willing to spend on the project , they will set up pilot studies first before they launch in full swing and they can easily make some changes if problems arises. They will hire a good cosmetologist to train them. Give them lecture how to handle small scale business and in money matters, try to help them find a better location for their start up business for better sales and profitability and teach them about companies product and how they can manage the direct selling strategy.