Stakeholders of Tesco

A shareholder is Any person, company or other institution that owns at least one share of a company’s stock. Shareholders are a company’s owners.

The shareholders are known to be the most important stakeholders in Tesco as the have invested money and time into the growth of the business. The shareholders interest in Tesco is to see their share of profit increasing ( High dividend) and the value of the business increasing.

A customer is An individual or business that purchases the goods or services produced by a business.

The customers want Tesco to produce high-quality products and goods and services which have good value for their money. The customers interest in Tesco is to see improvements that give them better goods and services which are value for their money.

A employee is someone who works in a business.

The employees in Tesco are provide with a means of securing the necessities of life. The employees’ interest in Tesco is being able to be provided with security of employment, the opportunity to be promoted and good means of rewards. The employees may also be interested in Tesco due to its high credibility.

A supplier is someone whose business is to supply a particular service or product. Another name for a supplier is a vendor.

The suppliers who supply products to Tesco want stable orders and quick payments. The suppliers interest in Tesco is that they want to be represented by a company with high credibility and a business that can pay them quickly.

Local community
The local community are A group of individuals that interact within their surroundings. A typical local community consists of business operators, public staff and residents, and their interactions can include the sharing of resources and information, as well as the establishment of commercial relationships between local businesses and consumers.

The actions taken by Tesco can affect the community around it, the local community’s main interest in Tesco is for them to give back to the environment for example new computers to local schools or jobs for people living in the community.

The government are a group of people that governs a community. It sets and maintain public policy and exercises political and sovereign power through customs institutions and laws within a state.

The government would probably want Tesco to do well as the business will be able to pay taxes and create jobs. The interest the government have in Tesco is the fact that they want the business to take the majority of the responsibility of taken care of the welfare needs of the local community.

Trade union
the trade union is An organization whose membership consists of workers and union leaders, united to protect and promote their interests.

The trade union produce the interests of groups of employees. The main interest that trade unions have in Tesco are for them to produce higher wages and working conditions for their employees.