Stand Up Zamboanga!

We cannot deny the fact that hatred and lack of unity and peace led to Zamboanga Crisis. Just for example, recently we’re facing the pork barrel scam issue wherein some of our recognized political leaders are involved to and they are just trying to divert the people’s attention and as a result, a war broke out in Zamboanga City. And also racial and religious discrimination between Christians and Muslims.

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The MNLF leader Nur Misuari wants to claim Zamboanga City as his own, and strive to fight for his selfish ambition by leading his men to cause trouble in the city resulting to deaths of innocent people, loss of homes especially in the affected areas, destruction of properties, trauma, fear, hatred, absence in work, missing out important lectures and school activities for students, loss of income especially to those who need to work daily to earn a living and the dwindling state of the city’s economy as a whole.

The government sectors and non-government offices should work hand in hand for faster crisis rehabilitation in Zamboanga City as well as the volunteers and community as a whole. They should implement new strategies how to cope up and solve the conflict situations in the shortest possible time to avoid further damages. The higher officials should display a role model in strictly abiding the city’s rules and regulations instead of involving in certain anomalies and controversies. So that the people can learn to trust and respect them and can follow and learn to abide in the government policies too. They should never tolerate violence and crime so that the people will not abuse and rebel and will learn how to be God-fearing with righteousness in mind.

We are living in the modern era where the trend of technology is a great help in the rehabilitation program of the city, community, evacuees and future generation. For example the use of different media of communications like radio broadcasting, social internet sites like facebook and twitter wherein people can be well-informed and they can express their sides and opinions, encouraging and consoling one another eventually forgetting the trauma at the right time. Also we can connect with our fellow Filipinos from other areas, regions and countries offering help by giving voluntary donations such as relief goods, rice, clothings, sanitary kits and shelter tents for the evacuees. Our allies from other nations especially U.S. also help in providing high tech military equipments, sharing their knowledge about new strategies and tactics in combating the enemies and training our own soldiers.

Even as student and citizen of Zamboanga City, I can contribute towards building a better Zamboanga by starting in my own little way of helping other people in need. I can devote my time studying hard and become a professional serving our own city and educating the young so that they can have the proper mindset that we Zamboangueños can be united and can be peacefully working together despite our religious differences in achieving progress and prosperity in our city.

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