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10 March 2016

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Starbucks Singapore: Privacy Statement

Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks Card FAQs
What is the Starbucks Card? The Singapore Starbucks Card is a stored value Card as well as a membership Card that offers you greater rewards and convenience when making your purchase at participating Starbucks stores in Singapore. It also makes a perfect gift for any occasion. What are the benefits of the Starbucks Card? My Starbucks Rewards – Start enjoying these rewards from your very first use:



Starbucks Singapore: Privacy Statement

Terms and Conditions
*All complimentary items are valid

for three months upon issuance except Complimentary Birthday Cake reward which is only valid during your birthday month.

+Registration benefits are only credited to the first Card registered per member. Multiple Cards registered to the same member account are not eligible for the

complimentary beverage and birthday cake, however, the balance is still protected on each Card.

Your Starbucks Card is re-loadable Reloads can be done at any participating Starbucks store in Singapore, except our stores at Changi Airport. Only denominations of S$10 are accepted and only a maximum amount of S$300 is permitted on the Card at any one time. How do I purchase a Starbucks Card? You can purchase your Starbucks Card at any Starbucks store in Singapore, except our stores at Changi Airport. The minimum amount to load is S$10 and maximum amount is S$300. 2/6


Starbucks Singapore: Privacy Statement

Why did Starbucks introduce the Singapore Starbucks Card? It’s just our way of saying thanks for being a loyal Starbucks customer! If we can enhance your Starbucks experience with the convenience and benefits of using the Starbucks Card, then we’re doing our job right. Which are the participating Starbucks stores in Singapore? All Starbucks stores in Singapore are participating in the Starbucks Card program, with the exception of our stores located at Changi Airport. How do I use the Starbucks Card? You can use your #Starbucks Card to purchase any item at all participating Starbucks stores in Singapore.

#The value in your Starbucks Card cannot be exchanged for cash. Why should I register my Starbucks Card? Registration of your Card helps protect the balance on it and you will also enjoy exclusive member rewards upon registration. If you have lost or damaged your Card, you may also log on to our Card website to deactivate your Card while protecting its balance or simply transfer the balance of the lost Card to another Card, within your own member account. How do I register my Starbucks Card? It’s easy to register! Just log on to our Card website and get started (simply click on the “Card” tab in the tool bar above to get to our Card website). You’ll need your Card with you and simply follow the instructions to get your Card registered. Alternatively, you may see below for a step-by-step guide to register for your Starbucks Card.



Starbucks Singapore: Privacy Statement

How can I find out the balance amount on my Starbucks Card? 4/6


Starbucks Singapore: Privacy Statement

You can check your Card balance at any participating Starbucks store or by logging onto your member account at In addition, all Starbucks Card transaction receipts will include your remaining Card balance. You may also contact the Starbucks Card customer call centre, during office hours, using the local toll-free number 1800-782-7282 to obtain a balance on your Starbucks Card or by emailing us at [email protected] Is there an expiry date for my Starbucks Card? The expiry date is 3 years from your last transaction on your Card. As long as you keep using your Card, the expiry date keeps rolling.

How do I check my rewards? You may inquire about your rewards from any of our participating stores or from your member account online. Will I be able to view my in-store transactions on-line? Yes, you will be able to view the last 20 transactions within the last 90 days, for purchases made using your Starbucks Card. What should I do if my Starbucks Card is lost or stolen? If your Card is registered, you will need to log on to your member account online, click on “Report Loss of Card” to report the loss and deactivate your Card immediately, to protect the balance on it. A replacement Card will then be mailed to your registered address for you to transfer the remaining balance on your lost Card to the new replacement Card via our Card website. If you have multiple Cards in your account, you may also transfer the balance on your lost Card to another existing Card. Can I reuse my Starbucks

Card? Definitely! Your Starbucks Cards is re-loadable and re-useable. You may reload your Starbucks Card with additional cash value at any of our participating stores in Singapore. Can I purchase a Starbucks Card in Singapore and use it in another country? The Starbucks Card in Singapore is a locally issued and managed Card and it can only be used in Singapore. We are unable to perform any transactions, including reloading, on another country’s Starbucks Cards. Can I transfer the balance from my existing Starbucks Card to another Starbucks Card? Transfer of all Card balances, including the rewards earned on the Card, is only permitted to registered Cards within the same member account. 5/6


Starbucks Singapore: Privacy Statement

Can I make partial payment with my Starbucks Card? Yes, you can split payment on a transaction using your Starbucks Card and any other form of payment that is accepted at our participating stores. Can I pay using multiple Starbucks Cards for one transaction? Yes, payment for a transaction can be made with more than one Starbucks Card. Can I return a Starbucks Card for a refund that I have purchased previously? Refunds can only be done personally at the Starbucks head office. The original receipt upon purchase of the Card needs to be produced together with the Card for a refund to be processed. Can I update my personal particulars on my Starbucks Card? Yes, you can view or update your personal particulars by logging onto your member account online. How does Starbucks protect my privacy after I register my Starbucks Card? Under the privacy statement, Starbucks will not disclose your personal particulars to any third parties. For more information on the Starbucks Card Account Terms of Use and Agreement, please click here.

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