Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

Dora Gyulai
Applying for Master of Professional Studies Sports Industry Management

I, Dora Gyulai, am applying to Georgetown University for admission to Master’s Program in Sports Industry Management.

Why higher education?
Sport has always been important in my life. I have been a professional athlete since childhood and today my interest transformed into management. Higher education is the first step to achieve my goals in the sport industry. I have imagined expanding my skills as a graduate student, and putting it into practice as a manager.

Academic Background
I got admitted to the Semmelweis University, the most reputed sport university in Budapest, Hungary. I studied sports organizing as major. It included subjects like business and management skills, project management, sport economics, strategies, facility management, management accountancy, and marketing. These subjects inspired me to focus on sport industry and marketing development.

During my college years I have worked as a coach and been a professional athlete. My job was to teach children acrobatic rock and roll, manage the financial part of my sport club and manage group events. As an athlete I had constant training on weekdays and competitions at the weekends. My team and I worked hard on to keep up with the younger generation successfully. We won national championships fifth times in 2012. We had bronze medal in European Championship, as well as in World Championship. During the years I have learnt stress management and to accomplish in various situations.

As college requirement I spent my intern days in the Hungarian Dance Sport Association in Budapest, Hungary. My main project was to learn the mechanism of the Association, such as international competition management, election
management, and registration management nation-wide.

I have always imagined working in the sport media and promotions. In future I will actualize my dreams and use my skills to get accepted in that field. However, I know, in short term I need to concentrate on graduate studies and improve my knowledge.

Why Georgetown University?
A Graduate education would enable me to pursue advanced degree is what I have desire for. I also believe that a good graduate program is an essential step to achieve my long-term goals. The external relations, specific student programs and reputation of Georgetown University convinced me to apply. I would like to be part of this friendly community and learn from great professors. I feel appreciated by the unique services for international students and the advantages of internships. I hope to fulfill my ambition at Georgetown University, which I consider one of the best graduate studies. I am confident that I’II be able to meet the standards of the University.

I believe that this program allows me to live my dreams and make them reality. I fully understand the kind of dedication, and perseverance a graduate program calls for; I believe that I have the ability and determination to tread on this exciting path.

In conclusion, I do hope that I’II be given a fair chance to realize my ultimate goals by being granted an admission. I look forward for a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the University.