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1.Which of the following is an accurate statement regarding status systems? •Anything can have status value if others in the group evaluate it that way.

2.The ________ stage in the group development process is complete when members begin to think of themselves as part of a group. •Forming

3.Conflicts can be resolved by withdrawing from them or suppressing them. This conflict-management technique is known as ________. •Avoiding

4.Which of the following will help in making communities of practice successful? •Having clear accountability and managerial oversight

5.Behavior patterns expected of someone occupying a given position in a social unit is called a ________. •Role

6.In a ________ structure, no clear chain of command exists. •Team

7.A company brings team members together to collaborate on resolving mutual problems that affect each of their areas. This is an example of the use of ________. •Cross-functional teams

8.Which organizational design increases the complexity of assigning people to projects? •Matrix structure

9.In which of the following organizational designs are employees most likely to experience communication difficulties? •Boundaryless structures

10.A temporary committee formed to address a specific short-term problem that affects several departments is known as a ________. •Task force

11.Which of the following lists are the five conflict- management options available to managers? •Accommodating, Avoiding, Collaborating, Compromising, and Forcing

12.The ________ stage of the group development process is one in which closerelationships develop and the group becomes cohesive. •Norming

13.The process of grouping jobs together is known as ________. •Departmentalization

14.The process of dividing work activities into separate job tasks is known as ________. •Work specialization

15.In which of the following conflict-management techniques are conflicts resolved by seeking an advantageous solution for all the parties involved? •Collaborating

16.Which of the following is a negative aspect of group norms? •Being part of a group has the ability to increase an individual’s antisocial actions.

17.The line of authority that extends from upper organizational levels to lower levels, clarifying who reports to whom, is known as the ________. •Chain of command

18.During the ________ stage of the group development process, a relatively clear hierarchy of leadership and agreement on the group’s direction emerge. •Storming

19.Which of the following is a characteristic of a mechanistic organization? •Clear chain of command

20.Which of the following structures is highly adaptive, loose, and flexible? •Organic

21.Companies would become more ________ if they allowed professionals to set the priorities and allocate the resources for their departments. •Organic

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