Strategies and Business Models

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1 September 2015

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The article which is associated with strategic business model is titled Portal Economics and Business Models. The article asserts that strategic business model is all about the nature in which a business works. Business model is normally used in the explanation of the modus operandi. The option will be used in the explanation of marketing, supply, finance, strategies and the operations of the business, which will work together to a cohesive success plan. The company will use this as a way of fitting into the market and continuing to thrive within the set standards of the region.

The external and Internal Environment

The article to be reviewed in relation to internal and external environment is titled Multimodality and Environment Semantics. The article indicates that the importance of having an internal and external business environment is to understand the nature in which things are running in the business from all directions. Internal business environment is all about understanding the factors within the organization, which interfere with the success and the approach of the operations. The external factors usually come into play when understanding the nature in which tings run outside the organization and sometimes one does not have control over them. The company can deal with this through managing the internal operations and understanding the threats and opportunities that are outside the operations of the business.

Product Differentiation

The article on Product differentiation titled Handbook of Industrial Organization indicates that an organization would have to deal with product differentiation through distinguishing the products that have the same capabilities in the market. The strategy is normally used to gain advantage of the market that is being dominated by large companies.


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