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27 February 2016

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In this article “Move Over Boys, Make Room in the Crease,” Sara Maratta discusses a controversial issue of women are becoming more accepted into the sports world, not only as fans and players but also as voices in sports journalism. However, men still dominate on all levels. Why? Some argue because of stereotype. From this perspective, who really cares why women are not receiving the same equality as men? Are women being used as sex symbols, are they really being accepted in the sports world or is the sports world just creating balance.

According to Sara Maratta, there are only a handful of professional female athletes who possess clout and are known by the majority of the populace as quasi-celebrities. Although, it is true that the media’s coverage of women’s sports has increased, there is a plethora of evidence that male perspective still dominate.

Women fans, players, and journalists continue to remain just a minority group who are struggling for recognition. She goes on to argue, women have been discouraged, disregarded, or disinvited from pursing a passion for sports, and that women cannot offer valuable insights and opinions because female professional sports reporters are often considered nothing more than talking heads who get paid to look pretty. Maratta’s use Erin Andrew’s as an example, a very intelligent and well-versed sports journalist, who’s been objectified throughout her career as a sex symbol because of the nude photos and videos of on google. She also use Andrea Kremer, NBC football sideline reporter and ESPN’s first female correspondent, NPR interview were she asserted that women have earned their position in the sports world. In sum, Maratta’s believe women still lacking a general awareness that sports are not solely male-dominated: Women should be active in sports, and their astute commentary about sports should be given as much clout as that of men. She want people to understand that it shouldn’t matter who on the rink, track, or field- what should matter is women are there because they love the sport just as much as men.

Although female players most likely to fit and talented as most men, must constantly monitor and tailor their persona to fit the stereotypical mold of what a female athlete should look like in the eyes of the image-conscious fans In my view, Women are able and are somewhat successful in the sports world. There are several women who are better players, fans and sports journalist than men. Though I concede, women are still unknown because of the compare and contrast to men and masculinity of the sports world. For example, as I watch the super bowl game, I’ve notice the lack of women journalist. I can only remember seeing two women, Melissa Stark and Pam Oliver. In my opinion Melissa Stark was use as a sexy symbol and also to create balance on the pre-game debate panel. She really did not have much talk time. Why? Is it because she was on a panel with men that have been active and very acknowledge of the game, or was her opinion and insight not valuable enough for air time. On the other hand, Pam Oliver a well-known commentator in the game. According to Fox sports, Oliver has established herself as one of the premier sports reporters on network television. (Fox Sports) She receives more air time and more respect compared to Starks. She has place herself on a pedestal that most women only dream of being in the game. Even though, women are expected to uphold certain standard of beauty, she has helped paved the way for a lot of women to succeed in different area in the sports world. Although some might object to this because of the ratio of air time women receive compared to men and the stereotype the world has place on women. I agree with Maratta, What should matter is women can have the same love for sports as men and females can and should be involved and have the opportunity to provide insightful opinions.

This issue is important because in the 21st century women still have not earned their spot in sports. It blows my mind women are not provided with equality to men in the sport world. Women continue to fight and break barriers that have been placed against them. Their opinion and love for the game should always be respected. Their several obstacle women must overcome before they will receive equality in the sports world but they must first see their worth and learn their opinion matter before they can break free of stereotype.

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