Support children and young people’s health and safety

Outcome 1.2: Explain how health and safety is monitored and maintained and how people in the work setting are made aware of risks and hazards and encouraged to work safely. Health and safety is monitored and maintained by carrying out risk assessments and daily checks. When ensure that this is done by carrying out risk assessments and daily checks on a regular basis and if any health and safety issues arise with the equipment or environment we will attend to these issues and recorded the information and remove any fault from the area and ensure that other members of staff are aware of these issues. Plug socket covers, safety gates and door stoppers are monitored and maintained by checking that plug socket covers are in all sockets and check that none are broken, if any plug socket covers are found broken they should be removed and replaced with new. When children arrive at the setting safety gates must be in place before children attended so that no children can leave the setting.

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Door stoppers must be put in place to ensure that children don’t trap their fingers in the door when going out and all members of staff must put these in place and if any fall of the door members of staff should replace them immediately. Personal protective equipment must be available at all times and all staff should use this when changing nappies, cleaning up sick and if a child is bleeding. When wearing personal protective equipment we stop the spread of germs and cross contamination to anyone else. If any member of staff notices that personal protective equipment is getting low on stock that member of staff should inform the manager so more personal protective equipment can be ordered.

DBS checks should be carried out before anyone is to start working in the setting because safeguarding is a major issue when working with children and is the duty of the setting manager to ensure that all members of staff hold a valid DBS check so that no children and young people will come to any harm. The snack/ dinner area must have clear signs on the wall about any children that may have an allergy and if this is not available all members of staff must be made aware of this before providing snacks/dinner so that an allergic reaction can be prevented. Anyone who works in a setting and all children must be made aware of the fire drill so that if there was a fire everybody would get out safely. We maintain fire drills by ensuring that the

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