Susan B. Anthony

It is impossible to believe there was a time that women did not have an input on anything in this world. Women did not have a say in anything in the 1800’s, they were just people that did whatever “man” told them to do without any questions asked. There are a lot of powerful people in history that stood up for what they felt was important, like women’s rights. Women by the name of Susan B. Anthony wanted to have change in this world for women that wanted to be a part of society.

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Born on February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts on a farm house, Anthony was one of eight children in a house with a father who was strict and was very much in the civil rights movement. At a young age she would go through something that most women today will never understand. She was taken of district school by her father when he found out that she could not get educated in mathematics because of the fact she was a “ girl “ ( was later sent to a boarding school in Philadelphia ). Since she did not go to public school her father decided to home school her and her sisters. Her father taught her and her sisters to be independent and self-discipline. Anthony was expected to help her mother with domestic chores. Anthony’s dad owned his own cotton-mill where he had his wife and family help maintain the mill endless cooking, cleaning, and washing, Anthony’s job was to bake 21 loaves of bread a day. As a teenager she was already being an activist, collecting anti-slavery ballots and having abolitionist meetings at her home. “She learned early on that making the right choice was more important than making a popular choice “. (One woman’s voice)

Anthony’s father is the one person who influenced her to become the person who she was, with discipline and structure she became an independent women. She was a girl that had a goal and a plan to accomplish that goal with the help of her father motto of “all work no play “.

Trying to get your point across and having people agree with what you’re saying can be the most difficult things to do when there is no one in your corner. Anthony worked at a school where she was making one-fifth of what a man would make in a weekly pay so she protested for the inequality and she was let go of her job. This was an issue to her and made her want to take a stand. Anthony could not take anymore of being put down by society because of her gender, she never gave up what she thought was right she kept pushing and stayed motivated. Anthony encouraged a lot of women to become teachers to get away from doing household chores. She began to focus on the temperance movement speech, she felt that the banning alcohol was the only way for the ending of the abuse women and children suffered at the hands of husbands and fathers who drank a lot of alcohol. She was doing everything in her power to make women’s voices be heard, she realized the only way she can let her voice be heard is to win the right to participate in the political process.

She setup a series of state and national conventions for women suffrage and door-to-door campaign to collect signatures for a petition that will give women the right to vote and own their own property. For her to be women that are trying to change the way women are treated the press attacked her, but she and other women like her refuse to depend on a man. She found her opportunity around voting time when she was reading a newspaper that in the amendments it never said women could never vote, when she saw that she went in the barber shop and read the amendment to the men and they let her go in and vote with her sisters. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but she did not care about the consequences behind it. Anthony and all the women that voted that day were arrested for civil disobedience.

With anything you do that is wrong there comes consequences and sometimes things happen to challenge you, to see how much you really want it. Anthony belief in women’s rights had consequences that came with it. She did not care about what happen to her because she felt what she was doing for women was rights. Anthony has had some long term and short term consequences, a long term consequence has been that she had to go most of her life not being able to live it the way she wanted to live it because women were not allowed to dress the way they wanted to, work, vote, or own their own property. To live somewhere that you have no control of anything but your chores is a horrible way to live. Anthony’s short term consequence was when she was a kid and had to work like an adult, barley having a childhood “ all work no play “, even though it is a consequence not having a childhood she was very focused and matured at a young age. Another short term consequence was that Anthony went to jail for voting. She knew voting was wrong but she knew that if she did it would cause controversy and a lot of other women will follow in her footsteps and peruse being an independent women that does everything on their own with no help needed.

Without women like Anthony we would have no change in this world, people like her who stand up for important issues like the one of women’s rights will forever be looked at in history for making a difference for women everywhere. She has shown that with hard work and dedication anything is possible and that women can provide and live on their own just as well as men, Anthony will always be looked at in a positive light and thanked by all the hard working women across the world.

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