Syllabus objectives.Implementation and assessments

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27 November 2015

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Syllabus objectives


Course goals and objectives

       The most important aspects of learning a language course is the need for efficient communication through clear and understandable use of language as well as the intelligent and intellectual application of the various vocabulary learnt. In every aspect, a language well learnt should express itself in the outcome of the student as being able to not only speak clearly and understandably, but also develop the much needed writing skills and techniques; the two form the basis to good communication and consequently, are the main objectives of an English course such as this (Griffith, 2006).

       A student, at the end of this course, should have learnt to organize their self in terms of the way they write their essay. The way the ideas flow in the essay will determine the level to which the writing organization of this student has reached. Therefore, at the end of the day, a student must be able to know and master the details of paragraphing, main paragraph sentences as well as supporting statements in the essay. In addition to this, a combination of knowledge in the writing process and a deep understanding and mastery grammar use is also handy in the learning and actual writing process. This is simply to mean that by understanding the way to write and the processes such as having a writing plan, performing extensive research on the topic tackled in writing as well as noting key points needed for writing. The proper mastery of grammar on the equips the student with the necessary writing techniques that will go a long way to allow them express him/herself in clear, understandable and presentable language.

       Knowledge of the types of essays that one can write under various circumstantial contexts is also an objective of this syllabus; by learning to structure and write process analysis, comparison, cause and effect, argumentative and narrative essays, the student is able to write in various environments of work and professional fields. Coupled with other factors such as the exploration of topic or discipline specific vocabulary and their appropriate use according to the context, these skills on knowledge areas go a long way to serve as drivers to produce fully refined writers from college students (Griffith, 2006).

Implementation and assessments

       As has been the common practice over the years, an environment of sharing and researching on information facilitates learning. In order for this to be achieved, the role of a teacher or a tutor comes in as a facilitator, guide and even mentor to the learners. Thus, the first step to implementing the syllabus goals is to engage teacher-student learning environment such as classroom. It is through this that the teacher will show the students how to start the process of writing, research on various topics and vocabularies as well as engage in organized groups to allow for student-student sharing of information and interactions that ultimately leads to improvement in the writing skills. Once a part of the objectives has been covered, it is necessary to engage the students in class discussions and question times to create further understanding of the details of the course (UoI, 1947). Through homework assignments and questions posed in class, the teacher is able to gauge the level of understanding of the students on the topic of discussion. By giving corrective and guiding comments on work that students have done, the teacher gives a good avenue for improvement, as the student will know the parts that need correction and improvements. Continuous assessment tests; periodic writing competitions and main examinations are the ultimate assessment method of ensuring mastery of the elements of the course (Griffith, 2006)


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