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1 March 2016

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PART I – Concepts in Symmetry. To gaze is to think.  Salvador Dali Period

Focus Image

Your Observations
Complete at the end of Week 1
(24 February)

Image 1

Describe the symmetry of the Viking shield.
It has 2 kind of mirror line and it is a symmetric graph. It is also a rotational symmetric graph.

What was the most surprising or interesting fact you learnt from Week 1 lectures

We know lots of definitions of symmetry and how to classify symmetry graph.

Complete at the end of Week 2
(3 March)

Image 2

Describe the symmetrical elements you see in this Japanese embroidery. It is a rotational graph.

Can you add anything to your Week 1 description of the Viking shield?

It does not have mirror lines.

Was Salvador Dali correct? To gaze is to think?

It is incorrect

PART II – Plane (2D) and Space (3D)  Symmetry: You can’t criticize geometry. It’s never wrong.  Paul Rand Period

Focus Image
Your Observations
Complete at the end of Week 3
(10 March)

Image 3

Use the formal descriptors of plane symmetry to describe this bathroom tile tessellation. 4AMM

How are you now more observant of symmetry in your surroundings? Use examples?

Most of the pictures that we see are symmetric

Complete at the end of Week 4
(17 March)

Image 4

The triangle in Image 4 is weird. Was Paul Rand correct – geometry is never wrong? Yes, it cannot form in the real life.

Do beleive the world around us is completely described in 2D and 3D?

I think maybe will have more dimension in the world that we haven’t realised.

PART III – Symmetry in Crystals:The most striking examples of symmetry…are crystals. Herman Weyl Period

Focus Image
Your Observations
Complete at the end of Week 5
(17 March)

Image 5

Uvarovite is a gemstone rich in chromium. What are your main observations about uvarovite symmetry from studying the external form? (around 50 words)s

What is your personal favourite gemstone and what is its space group.

(around 10 words)

Complete at the end of Week 6
(24 March)

Image 6

What observations can you make about these octahedra of cubic cristobolite, another polymorph of quartz, ‘frozen’ in volcanic glass.

(around 50 words)

You probably agree with Herman Weyl that crystals can be strikingly beautiful. Describe the external form of your favorite crystal?

(20-30 words)

PART IV –Symmetry and Technology. John Ruskin Period

MAY: “Oh! Have the crystals faults like us?” LECTURER: “Certainly May. Their best virtues are shown in fighting their faults. And some have a great many faults; and some are very naughty crystals indeed.”

Focus Image
Your Observations
Complete at the end of Week 7
(31 March)

Image 7

The Art Tower in Mito, Japan is constructed from face-sharing tetrahedra. Describe an ‘extreme’ example of symmetry in art or architecture that excites you. (around 50 words)

Complete at the end of Week 8
(7 April)

Write a short, reflective essay, comparing your knowledge of symmetry at the beginning of this MOOC with what you now understand. In this way, articulate your personal exploration of symmetry in the past 8 weeks. (around 500 words)

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