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In my synthesis essay I will talk about both sides of having a visible tattoo by using the articles “Tattoos in the Workplace: What’s an Employer to Do?”, “The Relationship Between Body Modification and GPA.” and “Tattoos Gain Even More Visibility”. These articles work together to show the pros and cons of living with a tattoo whether it is in the workplace, visible or for a religious purpose. The article “Tattoos in the Workplace…”, the article explains all the reasons in why someone with a tattoo shouldn’t be judged off only that. It also talks about how doing such is a violation of the law. In the article “Tattoos Gain Even More Visibility” it mentions how in today’s society visible body modifications have become more popular and accepted. In the article “The Relationship Between Body Modification and GPA”, the article summarizes a study done of young people aging from 15 till 25.

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In the relationship between the three articles I think tattoos should be accepted as long as they can’t be seen in the workplace. These articles will prove and go against my opinion that tattoos in most cases should be a loud in a workplace as long as it isn’t visible. Rejecting someone for a job because of their tattoos is a form of discrimination and should not ever happen. Before reading these articles I had no stance about tattoos because I had none myself. In this issue the audience will be interviewers and employers who think tattoos interfere with someone being able to work with the public. In a scenario about a girl being interviewed for a job with some visible religious tattoos, she went in for an interview but after the interview she found out she didn’t get the job and wondered why.

In the article “The relationship Between Body modification and GPA”, the articles main issue is, is there a relationship between tattoos and students grades. The article goes into description about the study and the specific questions the experimenter asked the study subjects. In the conclusion the experimenter found out that there was no relation between the students having body modifications like tattoos and piercings and the grades that the students had. In my experience as a student, tattoos and grades had no relation. It depends on what kind of student you are in whether or not you will have good grades. I have no tattoos but my grades aren’t perfect, which is a perfect example of why tattoos and grades have nothing to do with each other. A good question to ask that group of students would be does having a interest in tattoos and piercings stop you from spending money of school needs like books and materials for projects? This essay adds to my argument on why tattoos should be permitted in the workplace since the study showed that tattoos and no relation with grades.

In the article “Tattoos in the Workplace: What’s an Employer to Do?” the author supports my thesis that a person being a good worker has nothing to do with a tattoo. It explains how having a face tattoo can be distracting to the customer but is it worth losing a good worker? The article also talks about where the tattoo is placed in relation to your job. “For example, the odds are that a four-star hotel may not want the concierge to have large tattoos of skulls and crossbones on the back of each hand. But the same hotel may have less concern if a dishwasher in the kitchen has those same tattoos because direct contact with the hotel’s customers is minimal.” This sentence from the article brings up a good point. But at the same time judging someone based off their body modifications would be morally wrong. This article backs up my claim because it brings up certain grey areas that you have to look at when saying a person shouldn’t get a job based on their appearance but it also shows that someone with 50 tattoos could also be a genuinely kind individual who is dedicated to their job despite the body modifications. This was a good article to back up my original claim.

On the other hand you have to look at all the grey areas. Can hiring someone with visible tattoos of a skull or vulgar language be off putting to costumers? A company could lose money by hiring someone that would turn the public off with their tattoos. Having a tattoo of a naked lady could be very inappropriate and distracting. In a job interview, if you were not qualified having visible tattoos could just add to why you shouldn’t get the job. There is also a concern in tattoos causing infections that can affect your skin forever.

These articles all speak about the same topic and are in agreement with each other and my opinion. In all three articles they agree that tattoos should be accepted in the workplace. And in the articles, they all list different valid reasons. In my scenario Sarah, the girl with the religious visible tattoos is also very qualified for the job but her tattoos were on her wrist so during the job in human resources she would be working with a lot of people and it would be exposed every day. Just like in the articles they bring up the issue of what job could having a visible tattoo not be accepted in. Is having a job with the public and having a visible tattoo impossible? Just like in the article “Tattoos in the Workplace: What’s an Employer to Do?” they bring up someone not being accepted for a job based on their religious tattoos religious discrimination.

Society has changed its perception on tattoos and how it doesn’t relate to your job. In the article “Tattoos Gain More Visibility” the main subject is how in the society we live in today; more people are getting tattoos in visible places like the neck and hands. In the article, “Necks and hands, said Joshua Lord, an owner of East Side Ink on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, were the last taboo.” speaking about how now people are getting tattoos in these places compared to years ago. ““But recently I’ve done them for doctors and funeral directors and teachers, and a lot of hairdressers,” who use hand tattoos as conversation starters, he said.” this shows how tattoos can be used as advertisement or a means of conversation. This article argues on my side of view. It like the other two proves how tattoos have no relation with the good quality job a person is able to do. The article also talks about the popularity of tattoos now compared to before.

What may concern some old school thinkers is that visible tattoos may be here to stay. Speaking from someone with no tattoos, I’m excited to get my first one. The articles “Tattoos Gain More Visibility”, “Tattoos in the Workplace: What’s an Employer to Do?” and “The Relationship Between Body Modification and GPA.” back up my claim that tattoos should be accepted in the workplace. It is discrimination to judge someone’s fit for a job based on body modifications. Having a tattoo is just one aspect of a person and having a tattoo shouldn’t be held against them. There are certain situations where someone might have a racist or controversial tattoo which might make them working in the public impossible because of customers complaining about their tattoos. If the tattoo is not disrespectful to anyone then there shouldn’t be a problem. After reading this article I have a stance on how I feel about tattoos. In some ways tattoos can get in the way of you getting a job and that isn’t morally right. My scenario was about a girl would didn’t get a job she was qualified for. It wasn’t stated if it was because of her religious tattoos or not. After my opinion on tattoos not being relevant, do you think Sarah didn’t get the job because of her tattoos or maybe a unknown reason?

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