Teams in Organizations.Group dynamics for teams

Teams in Organizations

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       Teams are important part of any given organization or company. There are a lot of benefits which companies can realize from their teams which include sharing of work load as well as sharing of ideas in the company leading to increased innovation within an organization. In every organization, there are various departments depending on the type of operations which are carried out within the organization (Clegg, Kornberger, &Pitsis, 2011). The number of departments will influence the type of teams and the number of teams that an organization will have. Furthermore, the composition of the teams will depend on the number of people within the departments. It is important to have teams within organizations since there is a lot of benefit which can be generated from having teams as part of operations in the company, hence the view presented by Tom Peters is agreeable.

Impacts of Teams in Companies/Organizations

       It has been noted that there are various benefits which can be realized as a result of having teams within companies and organizations. As Tom Peters, (1987, p296) insisted, there is need to organize and have teams that are focused in achieving specified objectives and goals within organizations. The benefits or impacts of teams in organizations and companies include:

Increased Productivity

       Productivity is an important part that companies strive to achieve. Every company often strives to attain high productivity and hence increase its sales in the long run and therefore more profits. When an organization is organized in form of teams that work together in collaboration, it becomes easy for the company to attin high productivity since the teams are able to share the workload and therefore produce more(Clegg, Kornberger, &Pitsis, 2011). When there is increased productivity as a result of teamwork, it means that there are increased chances of making more profits and meeting the objectives and goals of the company. Therefore, it is important that organizations should be organized in teams

Maximization of resources

       The other benefit which has been noted through research is that of increased maximization of the resource which are available within the company. When the company is organized in to teams, it is easy to manage how the resources of the organization are being used hence ensure that there is maximum use of the resources for the greater benefit of the company. Furthermore, it has been noted that when an organization is organized in to teams, there is ease in the allocation of the resources of the company (Levi, 2011). It is easy to formulate budgets which can be sued by each teams hence the resource of the company are allocated according to the budgets that he team provides. This ensures that there is proper control on the resources of the company. What this means is that there is no wastage of the resources within the company. Therefore, it is important to have teams within an organization or company.


       Accountability is an important aspect within organizations and companies. Majority of companies look for accountability through various strategies and hence teams forms one of the strategies which the companies and organizations have been able to use(Clegg, Kornberger, &Pitsis, 2011). When employees are divided in to teams, it becomes easy for the management to make follow up and hold employees accountable for their duties and actions in the operations which they carry out. It is easy to identify where there are mistakes when employees are divided in to teams and hence reduces the amount of time that is used in identifying faults in people.

       Teams help in enhancing accountability within organizations and this means that there are reduced cases of defaults within the company as well as improved performance(Clegg, Kornberger, &Pitsis, 2011). When employees know that their team will be held accountable for their part that they undertake in the operations of the company, they will strive to ensure that they succeed in the tasks which they have been assigned. Therefore, the view presented by Tom Peters is agreeable and teams should be promoted within companies.

Time Management

       Formation of teams within organizations helps in the management of time within organizations and companies. Teams are given specific duties and tasks to carry out of which they are needed to accomplish within specified time. Therefore, when the teams work together, it becomes easy for them to complete the task within the time frame provided hence ensuring that there is no wastage of time(Levi, 2011). The teams make use of time in an effective way hence improving the efficiency within the company since the teams are able to share the work load hence it is easy for the employees to carry out the assigned tasks. This shows that the suitable and best way that an organization can operate is through teams which can help save a lot of time within the company as well as motivate the employees to work hard and improve on their efficiency.

Innovation and creativity

       Organizations such as Google Inchave developed and continued to provide the best products in the market as a result of innovativeness within the company. This has been contributed to by the aspect of teamwork within the company. Another organization which has continued to benefit from team work is Apple Inc. This company has been able to produce quality products as a result of innovativeness of its teams. Therefore, when an organization or company puts its employees in teams, it provides them with the opportunity to work together and share ideas which lead to innovation(Clegg, Kornberger, &Pitsis, 2011).

       There is constant sharing of ideas among the employees which helps to enhance their ability to solve problems and come up with solutions as well as new ideas that will benefit the company. Innovativeness and creativity is important within organizations because it helps in the production of high quality products and services which meet the needs of the customers(Clegg, Kornberger, &Pitsis, 2011). When the customers are provided with high quality products or service through innovation, it means that an organization or a company will be able to increase its customer base as well as its revenue hence its profitability. Therefore, the view that has been presented by Tom Peters that organizations should be put in form of teams is agreeable based on the positive impact that it has on innovation and creativity within companies.

       However, there are issues that affect the effectiveness of teams within organizations or companies. The difference that exists between employees, such as cultural diversity, often affects how teams function. It is quite a challenge to have a team that will put aside their cultural differences and work for the benefit of the company. There are employees that work well when assigned duties alone without having to work as a team(Levi, 2011). Therefore, it calls for the management of the company to realize that teams do not function all the time under every situation. There is need for proper analysis of the employees to find out if the idea of teams will work pout and generate the required and maximum results in the short and long run. Furthermore, it is to be noted that different organizations have different composition in terms of departments. Some of the departments cannot be organized in to teams due to the reason that they perform similar duties hence organizing them in to team will not change anything in their operations(Clegg, Kornberger, &Pitsis, 2011). The differences in the employees create a challenge for the management within organizations when there is need to formulate teams for the purpose of sharing the workload that is available. Therefore, this could mean that teams may not seem as the suitable way to go in ensuring success within an organization or company.


       It is important to have teams within organizations since there is a lot of benefit which can be generated from having teams as part of operations in the company, hence the view presented by Tom Peters is agreeable. Organizations that have teams have greater benefits as compared to organizations or companies which have not organized their personnel in to teams that can collaborate for the benefit of all. Teams are important in enhancing accountability, time management, maximization of resources and minimization. Furthermore, it has been noted that teams helps in enhancing innovation and creativity within companies hence organizations are encouraged to organize their employees in to teams that are manageable.


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