Teen Pregnancy

Did you know the lead cause of teen pregnancy is peer pressure to “fit in.” Most teens are under the impression that everyone is doing it. This isn’t true, in fact less than forty eight percent of all high school students have ever had sex. Some teens lie about it to fit in. Almost fifty percent of teenagers have never considered how a pregnancy would effect their lives. Daughters of teen moms are three times more likely to become a teen mom themselves. Research say nighty one percent of teen moms were under the influence of alcohol at the time of conception and did not plan to have sex that night. Teenagers may not admit it but they become more focused on their opinion of what their friends think of them, so if pregnancy is viewed as acceptable in school and around their friends then they are more likely to have unsafe sex to get pregnant to be socially acceptable. The Kaiser Family Foundation states that more than twenty nine percent of pregnant teens reported that they felt pressured to have sex and thirty three percent of pregnant teens stated that they felt that they were not ready for a sexual relationship, but proceeded anyway because they feared ridicule or rejection. Thus the rise in teen pregnancy in the last ten years can be tied to absent parents, uneducated and uncontrolled teenagers, and glamorization of teen pregnancy.

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Absent parents are one of the main causes of teen pregnancy. Studies have shown that the daughters of a teen mom are three times more likely to become a teen mom themselves and the sons are twice likely to end up in prison. A fathers absence in a daughters life increases the risk of a teen pregnancy. Studies have also shown that absent fathers pay $800 dollars for their child annually because they are poor themselves. Other studies have shown a daughter growing up with out a father are more likely to suffer depression, drop out of school, and other behavioral problems. These traits suggest that the girl may be prone to sexual behavior which, spikes the teenage pregnancy rate. Parents have to be more aware about what happens. They need to tell and give talks to their kids that might be thinking about taking other choices in life that lead to a negative influence and not think of what they do.

Another reason teen pregnancy is a problem is that a lot of teens are uneducated about sex and uncontrolled. Statistics say three in ten girls in the u.s will have the first baby by the age of twenty, and eight out of ten fathers don’t marry the mother of their child. There are a lot of myths teens believe are true to prevent pregnancy. One myth is that everyone is doing it. False, less than 48% of all high school students have ever had sex. Some teens lie about it to “fit in.” Another myth is that a girl can’t get pregnant if the guy pulls out or doesn’t go in all the way.Most teens think the pull out method is as effective as other birth control methods. In reality, a girl can still get pregnant by the pre-cum and if the guy doesn’t pull out right. Girls will practice unsafe sex on purpose to get pregnant so the guy will stay and in most cases he doesn’t. Lastly, drinking and drugs makes sex more fun.that isn’t true twenty percent of fifteen to seventeen year olds have done something sexually that they wouldn’t have done if the were sober.

The movie industry and the media contribute to teenage pregnancy by glamorizing teen pregnancy in news stories and movies. the t.v shows do show many of the difficulties teen mothers face. But on the other hand, they sometimes seem to send the message that getting pregnant is for the best.16
 Pregnant is
 motherhood. In a study teen moms participated and were answered questions. One of the moms said they don’t show any of the real struggles that are important. Another participant said the make mother hood look to easy and that they don’t show any of the financial costs of diapers a week or formula, etc, that the mothers in the show just seem to take care of it. Teenage girls get pregnant for the hope of becoming famous and getting a part on the shows, 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom.

Teenage mothers face many problems while being pregnant and after giving birth. These problems have effects on the mothers and the babies too. Teenage mothers experience many dilemmas that are physical while being pregnant. One physical effect is that the legs and hands of the mother begin to swell up as the baby is still in the stomach of its mother. Also, the mother begins to get stretch marks while the baby grows inside. The biggest problem, many teen mothers say, is the stomach cramps that they get. At times they can’t even move or get up because of the cramps they get. Teenage mothers also face social problems, meaning with family and friends. In the article ,Teenage Pregnancy Struggles for Teen Moms, a girl named Yazmin Martinez, a teen mom of her two year old son, Gerardo, was asked questions and her answers gave what her life was like during her pregnancy. Yazmin said , “One of the biggest problems that I faced during my pregnancy was with my social life.

When I first told my mom about my pregnancy she stopped talking to me for a few days. I felt completely alone and like I had no one there for me because I knew my mother was going to be disappointed or mad, but I thought that she would be there to support me. She told me that my baby was going to be my responsibility but that she would help me if he or she was sick or something and to raise him too. When my friends found out, they stopped talking to me and started avoiding me at school. A few of them still talked to me but not as many anymore. “A distant relationship between the teenage mother and her own parents seems to be a struggle too. The friendship that the teen mom has with her friends is another problem. Some say that the friends begin to judge the mom too. Another problem Yazmin says she faced was involving society. She says that when you go out into public and your pregnancy is noticeable people begin to judge you and make you feel bad.

Education seems to be another obstacle for the teen mom. Yazmin states, “When you find out your pregnant, some teen’s moms still go to school like I did. But as you get more and more into your pregnancy there is time in which you need to leave school. Many teen moms have to make the decision whether or not to go back to school or just take care of their children. All these struggles are hard to deal with at a young age. Sometimes the parents will not even help the girl but also kick her out of her own homes and make her stay with a uncle, aunts, or grandparents. As for the baby’s father he can either choose to stay or leave the girl to raise the baby on there own. That would mean they would have to buy pampers,clothes, and the baby food on their own if they have no support.

Teenage moms take on a lot of responsibility when it comes to being a parent. Some girls aren’t ready and decide or get an abortion. Did you know that about forty percent of females in the u.s become pregnant before the age of twenty and half of these pregnant teens give birth while around forty-five percent have abortions. Another thing, is that eighty percent of teen pregnancies are unplanned. Seven-point two percent of those pregnancies receive no medical attention. These numbers will only get higher if there’s nothing being done. Schools should offer sex-ed classes, and parents should be more involved with their teens lives. The rise in teen pregnancy is increasing by absent parents, uneducated and uncontrolled teenagers, and the glamorization of teen pregnancy.

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