Teenagers and Tattoos

In Andre’ Martin’s (2012) article, “On Teenagers and Tattoos”, he discusses the different reasons as to why adolescents would choose self expression by obtaining a tattoo or a piercing and how society views them, as well as how they view themselves. Martin deliberates many diverse reasons as to why teenagers choose to utilize their body as a canvas for art forms, or whether or not they are in a state of ignorance due to rebellion and self-acceptance. Martin conveys many innumerable reasons in this article concentrating on an individual’s right to express them as they see fit. Some teens tattoo or pierce themselves simply due to acceptance from acquaintances, others just to rebel against society.

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Some juveniles feel that in order to be socially accepted, one must prove to society that tattoos are merely a way of expression. Some teens struggle with different pressures amongst their peers. Martin channels in this article of a teenagers role in society and what part a tattoo plays and how one would deem themselves. He conveys the struggles of our youth at attempting to show individualism, not thinking of the consequences of their actions. Not only are peer pressure and social acceptance an important factor, but being able to choose and interpret ones character lies to be an esteemed part of a teenagers journey though life.

The endeavors of these young adults, as conveyed by Martin, prove to be a healthy decision or an ignorant one. Many of these adolescents yearn for acceptance, but do not think of the consequences that follow, for what seems to be an ample conviction at the time. I knew from my own experiences that obtaining a tattoo as a teenager weren’t for social acceptance; it was succumbed by peer pressure and the value of expression. Being a teen with strict parents, there really wasn’t room for individuality, so once I was old enough to make my own decisions, I, along with some of my acquaintances, seized the opportunity to create my character. Tattoos do become addictive because as aging takes over, one would find more and more ways to make a statement. Commemorations, beauty, and art take over a blank canvas. Starting this wondrous migration from a reserved teenager to a polished individual, the possibilities are endless. It wasn’t for social acceptance; it was all about individualism and creativity. The different markings were simply distinctiveness and an extenuation of one self.

Martin plainly speculates the reasons that teenagers chose to tattoo and pierce their bodies. Whether it’s for social acceptance, a form of art, individualism, or ignorance, each one has their own way of executing one’s identity. Although teenage angst can be redundant and tend to overrule, expressionism and individuality are more important than any trait when finding ones personality. If it takes marking parts of the body, for any reason, simply because your mind is intelligent enough for a decision of this magnitude, then it should be completely admissible in society; therefore, socially accepted. As for making a horrendous judgment at an early age, the youth of today have chosen to accept the terms at that particular moment in time. Frankly, just to show that they are in control of their own bodies and minds and are fully capable of making rash decisions, without fear of judgment.

Martin, A. (2012). On teenagers and tattoos. In M. Kennedy et. al. Baker College Composition:
A Custom Approach (pp. 320-323). Boston, MA: Pearson Learning Solutions

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